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ROOF WINDOWS For over 29 years we've been developing our products to ensure the they are of the highest quality. At OKPOL we believe the quality of daylight has a huge effect on our comfort and wellbeing. We are are family company that has a passion for quality, and for producing innovative and relevant products suitable for our market place. We deliver our products across the world and ensure they all exceed current building and safety requirements. We invest in new machinery and equipment to enable us to continuously improve our products to ensure the highest quality and offer great value...

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Why should you install windows on a flat roof? Flat roofs are a great trend in ROOF WINDOWS modern construction. Windows for flat roofs fit the trend with design and functionality. Their main task is to give your room What are the flat roof windows sizes? OKPOL flat roof windows are highly We offer you electrically opening, fixed, We offer 12 standard sizes of our insulated, easy to use and maintenance factory fitted LEDs flat rooflight and flat roof windows, but we can also free. What is more, they are incredibly WALK-ON windows. Our SpherLine is adjust the shape and size to suit resistant...

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4-glazed window with EPDM RESET THE QUICKEST MOUNTING (IGX + RESET) TO WIDE RANGE OF ROOF COVERINGS LOWER MOUNTING ANGLE Rubber flashing RESET is complitely newly product on window woodwork market. It is totally resistant for streching, mechanical damages, weather conditions. This flashing can be used to almost all roof coverings. Installation of IGX F1 RESET takes only 15 min and is very safe - the roofer will not hurt himself with gum, while it can happen in case of sharp edges of aluminium flashing. The mounting angle is possible from 5 till 90 st. This window has 40% more light then...

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Window with spherical glass PGX B6 Spherline is equipped with a spherical glass. Thanks to the dome, which forms the glass, more light comes through the window, and indoors is much more lightened than in the case of typical flat roof windows. The special rounding also facilitates the drainage of water, snow and dirt from the surface of the glass. It is the world's first flat roof window with integrated spherical glass. The vast majority of market proposals offers only domes made of acrylic or policarbonate. Spherline on the roof and inside the room looks amazing! SoherLine PGX B6 SPHERLINE...

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FLAT ROOF WINDOW The universal window PGX A1 is an incredibly fashionable solution for both new homes with flat roofs and and existing properties considering an extension. Thanks to the frame made from PVC, this window is incredibly resistant to any weather conditions and does not need any additional maintainance. It is ideal for rooms with a high humidity level such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. The toughened external pane and inter-pane laminate ensure the best level of safety. PGX A1 provides outstanding and glamorous lighting, makes the room amazingly unique and, at the same...

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FLAT ROOF WINDOW Window with LED light PGX A1 LED window is a unique solution for those, who not only want to enjoy the wonderful natural sunlight, but also like the subtle light from a special LED’s placed directly on the window frame. The tape is remotely controlled - you can set the light intensity, the colour of the light and some extra effects such as blinking and pulsing. LEDs are famous for their longevity (they can work up to 50.000 hours), energy efficiency and high luminous efficiency (angle of difusion equals 120 degrees). The colour choice is absolutely limiteless - you can pick...

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FLAT ROOF WINDOW glass PGX A4 is absolutely unique! That is the window, that besides its wonderful lighting facilities and design values, has another additional, extraordinary asset - a switchable glass! Once you’ve pressed a button on a remote control, the pane transforms from opaque into completely transparent, as if it was touched by a magic wand. Such miracles happen thanks to the liquid crystal technology placed in between the panes that reacts to the electric current beam. Such solution enables more privacy and intimacy whenever you need and delicately disperses the light entering the...

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Openable window PGC A1 window with a opening sash, opening up to 24 cm height is a perfect solution for highly humid rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. As every flat roof window from our catalogue, PGC A1 is made from water resistant PVC, but its additional value in favour of using it in "wet rooms” is the airing possibility. The air circulation takes place without any persisten drafts - the air smoothly enters the room. The window is equipped with a rain sensor - whenever the sensor detects the rain, it automatically closes the window. It’s resistant to mist, freezing,...

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Openable window PGM A1 is opened using an ergonomic handle. The window allows ventilation of the room, free access to the roof and safe evacuation. The wing thanks to the actuators stops in three practical positions, the largest of which is up to 80 degrees! FLAT ROOF WINDOW PGM A1 MANUAL OPENING PARAMETERS Glazing type U-value of glazing glazing unit gas laminated inner pane external toughened pane low-emission coat warm spacer AVAILABLE SIZES Ug = 1,0 W/m2K double glazed argon P P P P Profile: multi-chambered PVC white profile PU-foam filling maintainance free weather conditions resistant...

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FLAT ROOF WINDOW The window you can walk on PGX A5 is the most durable window in our offer. The special glazing unit is incredibly load-bearing and load-resistant. Such construction makes walking on a window possible. To ensure your safety we use a cameo dot non slip coating. PGX A5 will function perfectly as unction perfectly to lighten your room and ma-ximse the functional space on your roof garden. It can be used for green roofs as well and give the owners of the flat roofs new arranging possibilities. PGX A5 WALK-ON FIXED Glazing type glazing unit double glazed laminated inner pane p...

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