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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 1

inspired by nature. crafted for people.

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 2

“At OASIQ, we express our passion about people enjoying outdoor life by creating beautiful and unique outdoor furniture.”

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 3

Aluminium chairs and tables Aluminium and teak chairs Teak furniture Handwoven chairs Teak lounge sofa Modular flexibility Tables in various sizes Tables with spacious dimensions Stainless steel dining & coffee tables Dining & bar tables with various tops Flexible side tables

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 5

Crafted for people. Lush greens and sparkling blues. The enticing sounds of trickling water and of leaves rustling in the gentle breeze. For centuries weary travellers, adventurers and other visitors have appreciated the wonders of the oasis. A safe haven on the long sandy trek through a desert. A place for rest and recreation before the journey is continued. Imagine green rooftop gardens in hectic cities. Spacious terraces looking on to wide-open countryside. Swimming pools shimmering in the moonlight. A ski resort banked by spectacular mountain scenery. OASIQ aspires to create an oasis of...

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 6

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein Physicist, philosopher, speaker

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 7

Blast from the past The new OASIQ collections are a contemporary take on some of the trends of the fabulous fifties that have stood the test of time. The 1950s were a time of innovation in design. The use of new materials inspired clean lines and comfortable curves with an emphasis on leisure from the USA, and graceful soft-edged teak designs from Scandinavia. Lively pastel colour schemes in pink, turquoise, mint green, pale yellow and blue were the rage. In fashion it was the heyday of Dior’s ‘New Look’ and, thanks to television, exuberant music and dance styles, such as Rock and Roll, the...

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 8

CORAIL CORAIL’s array of colours provides the palette to experiment to your heart’s content. Simply mix and match to create the combination that reflects your personal style. Liven things up with a mixture of different pastels. Create bold contrasts in black and white. Or tone it down with matching sets. Versatile and compact, the CORAIL chairs and tables are ideal for urban gardens and balconies. Robust aluminium slats provide excellent seating comfort, with or without cushions. This lightweight collection is easily moved to your favourite outdoor spot. And even the tables can be...

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 10

Bask in the sun. Catch the breeze.

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 11

Special slots ensure cushions are easily fixed. And remain in place.

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 12

Superb hand-polished finish. Water-resistant and easy to clean.

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 13

Colourful bistro combo.

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 14

Lightweight and practical. Stack to save space.

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 16

Splashes of colour liven things up.

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 17

A bottle of wine begs to be shared.

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 19

1. o sit, lie, walk, or stand in a relaxed manner t 2. to pass (time) lazily or idly

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 20

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you.” Walt Whitman poet

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 22

A seamless fit with smooth powder-coated finish. 22

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 23


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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 24


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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 26

mark gabbertas Designer of SANDUR, MACHAR, COCO and SERAC Mark Gabbertas is a multiple award-winning designer who has pioneered many new forms and processes in furniture design. He was at the forefront of the renaissance in the British designer/maker movement in the 1990s before establishing the Gabbertas Studio in 2001. The design studio currently leads the way in experimenting with new technologies and has earned accolades for pushing the boundaries of outdoor furniture design.

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 27

“Our objective is to create designs that have character through their simplicity.” “As a studio we find ourselves being drawn repeatedly to designs that fulfil the rigorous demands made of furniture for outdoor use, while managing to retain a lightness of touch that makes them suitable for interior use too. I suspect we enjoy the challenge.” “When I was young, I would play a game called cat’s cradle whereby two people would make patterns with a single loop of string and pass them to each other. What proved interesting during the development of SANDUR was the ability of the weave to follow a...

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 28

Meet the new kid on the block. A chair with the winning personality of a style icon. COCO's allure is unmistakable from afar, and irresistible up close. Designed to stand out in a crowd, this chair brings a sophisticated sense of leisure to that outdoor space where having a good time is always on the menu. COCO's funky flair is defined by its original blend of materials. Steel frame and aluminium seat panels are powder coated in the same colour to form a striking ensemble. Elegant teak legs Guild Mark Awarded by The Furniture Makers' Company

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 30

COCO with the MACHAR teak top dining table.

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 31

Setting the new standard for outdoor dining.

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 32

Bring flair to every table. COCO with the serac dining table.

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 34

Striking metal and teak fusion.

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 36

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt Former First Lady of the United States

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 38

hans daalder Designer of CORAIL and DIUNA Hans Daalder’s work features a clean-design aesthetic that masterfully balances the adventurous with the functional. He has honed his skills designing for renowned furniture brands since his graduation from the Design Academy in Eindhoven (1989). His uncompromising focus on the quality of his creations has earned them a special place in clients’ hearts.

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Oasiq Catalogue 2016 - 39

“Finding the right balance of design features, colour, and texture is a process that involves knowing when to stop.” “Stripping an idea down to its essential parts, without sacrificing the richness of the experience is the most demanding part of my work. You can compare it to serving an excellent steak. In a good restaurant a choice piece, cooked to perfection, is served without a sauce. In the same way, a good design does not require elaboration. Together with my colleagues I pare an idea down until its core is revealed. It is finished when we can’t help but feel it’s right. That we’d put...

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