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Clodagh Trolley Oakworks Trolley

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Product Description product description product description Drawer with work surface/cover (accessory items not included.) Control Access Panel Adjustable/removable shelf & hardware. (accessory items not included.) Outlet Power Strip Specifications Dimensions Trolley Dimensions with top closed: Trolley Dimensions with top open: Inside Dimensions of top compartment: Drawer Dimensions: Pull-out work surface (in drawer): Dimensions of Lower Cabinet with adjustable shelf: Packing Dimensions: Weight Weight: 100 lbs. Shipping Weight: 110 lbs. Electric Built in power strip, US stand

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Trolley - 4

Be sure to read all cautions, warnings and instructions given in the manual to prevent injury to both operator and client. A CAUTION Do not operate hot stone warmer with trolley top closed. Doing so will cause accelerated damage to the top surface. Top must be open when hot stone warmer is in use in order to release the steam caused by the stone warmer. A CAUTION excessive steam and or water can damage your trolley. A CAUTION Do not put more than 10 lbs. on a side of the top when fully extended to avoid tipping. A CAUTION Be sure no body parts and/or clothing are caught in the top as it is...

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Trolley - 5

installing optional hot towel warmer Open the cabinet doors & remove the adjustable shelf & pins. Reverse installation instructions on page 4. CAUTION Keep Trolley doors open when towel cabi is in use. CAUTION Make sure the hot towel cabi door is closed properly and the drainage tray is emptied to prevent damage to the trolley. Be sure to follow towel warmer manufacturer’s instructions. 1. Set the warmer on the floor in front of the trolley. 2. Turn off the switch to the power strip and plug in the warmer. Turn on the switch to the power strip. 3. Set the warmer into the cabinet making sure...

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PRODUCT INFORMATION PRODUCT INFORMATIONOPERATING DRAWER WITH WORK SURFACE Pull the work surface the Easily push the work surface the whole way back whole way out to conceal allowing access to the drawer and your supplies. your supplies and for extra working space. • Use only a mild solution of 4:1 diluted non-alcohol cleaner such as Simple Green®, 409®, Fantastik® or some other non-abrasive cleaner to wipe down the metal surfaces of the trolley. Apply with a damp (not wet) lint-free cloth. Be sure excess liquid does not drip onto, or into, any of the electrical controls or mechanisms....

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electrical specs PLUG IDENTIFICATION Oakworks® Part #: Voltage (AC) Power Cord Plug North America continental plug; Europe united Kingdom OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES part No.

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INSTRUCTION MANUAL Oakworks® Inc. 923 East Wellspring Road New Freedom, PA 17349 Toll Free (USA only): 800-916-4613 Phone: 717-235-6807 FAX: 717-235-6798 Notice The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment by Oakworks®, Inc. Oakworks®, Inc. assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this document nor does it make expressed or implied warranty of any kind with regard to this material, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a...

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