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Clinician Adjustable ASSEMBLY & OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS Flat Top Lift Assist Back Rest Top Lift Assist Salon Top Shown with optional Adjustable Side Arm Rests and Universal Table Extender

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Clinician Adjustable - 2

ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS WARNINGS TABLE ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Parts Included: Place the table top upside down on the floor. Each leg has a number by the top bolt that corresponds with a number on the inside corners of the table top. (Excluding non-cabinet versions of the Flat top and Back Rest top tables. These legs are universal.) Pick any leg and match the number. Place the top leg bolt through the metal corner bracket (note – if you have an adjustable leg section, it may be necessary to raise the leg section to install the leg). Attach washer and nut and tighten this bolt using the supplied...

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Clinician Adjustable - 3

ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS WARNINGS STEP 5 Non-Cabinet models only Repeat Step 4 for each of the remaining legs. Match the number (Excluding non-cabinet versions of the Flat top and Back Rest top tables. These legs are universal). Hand tighten the bolts. After the last leg is installed tighten all 8 bolts. Table assembly is now complete. Turn table right-side up and proceed to directions for use on the next page. STEP 5 Cabinet models only Locate the 3rd leg (match the number), correct end panel (note that there is a large and small end panel) and one set of doors (note – Top of doors is marked...

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Clinician Adjustable - 4

OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS WARNINGS OPERATING THE MANUAL TOP (IF EQUIPPED) BACK REST Back Rest Control To Raise the Back Rest: Raise the back rest by pressing the lever under the head section and lifting up to the desired height. It is recommended that clients take some of their weight off the back rest while you lift. To Lower the Back Rest: Press the lever under the head section and push the back rest down. Release the lever and the back rest will stay in place. To change position of the Back Rest lever: The back rest lever can be moved to the opposite side of the back rest by removing the...

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Clinician Adjustable - 5

WARNINGS ARM REST INSTALLATION AND ADJUSTMENT INSTRUCTIONS OPTIONAL ACCESSORY AVAILABLE ON SALON TOP ONLY CAUTION: Do not use the arm rest for client weight support during the mounting or dismounting of the table. The arm rest is not designed to support the client’s weight. Adjustable Side Arm Rests The arm rests adjust automatically as the table’s back support moves to remain parallel to the floor in any position. They are designed to be strong and will take a reasonable amount of weight, but they are not designed to be used to sustain a person’s weight when getting on or off the table. 1....

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Clinician Adjustable - 6

WARNINGS CARE & CLEANING UPHOLSTERY In order to maintain your product’s quality and ensure the life of your upholstery, we have tested several preventative steps you can take to protect the upholstery fabric on your table and accessories. Here are a few suggestions in caring for your upholstery fabric: • DO NOT store your table or upholstery fabric-covered accessories in temperatures below 32°F/0°C or above 95°F/35°C. Extreme hot and cold temperatures will damage the upholstery fabric. Some potential results are cold-cracking, brittleness and upholstery fabric stretching. And, always keep...

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Clinician Adjustable ASSEMBLY & OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS CONTACT INFORMATION: Oakworks® Inc. 923 East Wellspring Road New Freedom, PA 17349 Phone: 717-235-6807 FAX: 717-235-6798 European Authorized Representative: Emergo Europe Molenstraat 15 The Hague, 2513 BH Netherlands CAUTION Maximum Working Load Rating: 500 LBS. (227 KG.) Manual Part Number MMMNST0023-EN Revision: A Revision date: 04/24/2015 Edition 1 - February 2012 Printed in English Printed in USA

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