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ELASHIELD DECKING INTRODUCTION Oakio® Elashield - the next generation of composite decking. This distinctive, contemporary design brings the hardwood look of a home’s inside to the outside. The surface is soft touching, Ultra slip resistant, stain resistant, and mould resistant MORE INNOVATION We continue to push the boundaries, with technological advances like our Elashield technology, which strengthens the slip resistant and optimizes foot touching for a more comfortable deck.Elashield decking is perfect for your swimming pool! MORE PROTECTION We offer the industry’s best warranty - 25 years residential warranty. Elashield is designed to last a lifetime. The thickness of the cap is up to 2mm! Every board is protected from warping, cupping, and twisting. Thanks to the thick cap protection and high density deck core, Elashield decking is actually a mute deck. To build up your balcony by Elashield decking is definately your best choice! MORE ENVIRONMENTAL Our Elashield decking products are made from 95% recycled content, which can help you earn credit in LEED® green building rating programs. Anti-static treatment is available for Elashield decking! An anti-static decking contains a conductive material that accumulates static. They are particularly useful if the decking was installed in the dry area during the winter

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PREMIUM PRODUCTS PRODUCT COMPARISON Elashield is made by new technology from USA, the materials of the cap and core is much better. Capping Material High Quality Soft Engineering Plastic " Cap thickness Core Material: 35% HDPE 55% Oak wood fiber 10% Additive Elashield decking Other co extrusion decking Core Material: 30% HDPE 60% Mixed wood fiber 10% Additive

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PROFILE, COLOUR AND WOOD GRAIN Which is the perfect fit for your deck? Start by browsing the most popular Oakio colours, wood grain and profiles. *All colours shown are for reference only. Light grey WOOD GRAIN

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ACCESSORY Whether they're out of sight or on the surface, count on Oakion deck fasteners for a lasting hold, easy installation, and a look you’re sure to love. Oakio hidden fasteners keep deck boards secure and provide a smooth surface that’s a treat for your eyes as well as your toes. Installed on the decking surface, Cortex fasteners grip tight. And they include color-matched plugs to minimize the hardware’s appearance and ensure a beautiful, flawless finish. Black polypropylene fastener practically disappears between deck boards Made from stainless steel, the design ensure consistent...

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TECHNICAL INFORMATION METHOD 0- None(No growth on speciment surface 1 - Traces of growth (Less than 10%) 2- Light growth(10% - 30%) 3- Medium growth(30% - 60% 4- Heavy growth(60% to complete coverage) Rating scale ranking from 0 to 4 and each number represents the degree of mould growth observed on teh speciment surface. Corrected mean overall acceptance angle:Slip resistance class 6° to 10°: R9 Over 10° up to 19°:R10 Over 19° up to 27°:R11 Over 27° up to 35°:R12 Over 35°:R13 Slip-resistance classification based upon the corrected mean overall acceptance angle Vertical Electrical Resistance...

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