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GENERAL CATALOG 2017/2018 - 1


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GENERAL CATALOG 2017/2018 - 4

Book 2019/20 Indice analitico Subject index / Stichwortverzeichnis / Index analytique Introduzione / Introduction 02_ Indice tecnologie / Index to technologies 03_ Indice alfabetico / Alphabetical index 04_ NovaBell Storia / NovaBell History 08_ Il gres porcellanato / Glazed Porcelain 10_ Superfici In-Out / In-Out surfaces 17_ NovaBell Ecosystem Collezioni / Collections 19_ Gres porcellanato / Glazed porcelain 283_ Pasta bianca / Wall tiles in white body Technical info 328_ Guida alla consultazione / Consultation guide 330_ Certificazioni e sostenibilità / Certifications and sustainability...

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GENERAL CATALOG 2017/2018 - 5

Gres porcellanato Glazed Porcelain / Feinsteinzeug / Grès Cérame Metallo / Metal Cemento / Concrete 88_ Oxy* 96_ Overland* 106_ Walking Extra* 240_ Tribeca* Pietra / Stone 32_ Norgestone* 44_ Sovereign* 56_ Kingstone* Marmo / Marble 254_ Montresor 260_ Avant 266_ Crossover Legno / Wood 150_ Eiche* 162_ My Space* 174_ Time Design* 186_ Natural Feeling* Resina / Resin 68_ Paris Cotto / Terracotta 198_ Materia* Progetto Integrato 20x20 Integrated project 20x20 68_ Paris 80_ Déco Color 80_ Déco 150_ Eiche Tessuto / Fabric 210_ Twist 216_ Twist B/

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GENERAL CATALOG 2017/2018 - 6

Indice alfabetico Thickness 20 mm Alphabetical index / Alphabetisches inhaltsverzeichnis / Index alphabetique Pasta bianca Wall tiles in white body / Hochwertige wandfliesen auf weissem scherben / Revetements en pate blanche

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GENERAL CATALOG 2017/2018 - 7

A ceramic love story. Una storia di passione per la ceramica. The NovaBell brand is inextricably intertwined with the name of the Bellei family. Its founder, Silvio Bellei, first became a prominent figure on the Italian ceramic scene in the ’50s and was involved in the development of some of the most influential companies in the sector. Thanks to its passion for what it does, constant product and process innovation, and quality service customers can count on, today NovaBell is celebrating thirty years of success. Passion is the secret of thirty years of leadership, not to mention the...

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GENERAL CATALOG 2017/2018 - 9

A network of values that connects us to the world. Una rete di valori che ci collega al mondo. NovaBell has enjoyed constant growth ever since its foundation in 1988 and is now present in 90 countries, thanks first and foremost to its most valuable asset of all: the people who give of their very best, day by day, with passion and commitment. Dal 1988 NovaBell è un’azienda in costante crescita, presente in 90 paesi, grazie soprattutto al capitale più prezioso di cui dispone: le persone che tutti i giorni danno il meglio di sé con passione ed impegno. Wir sind weltweit mit unseren...

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GENERAL CATALOG 2017/2018 - 12

RESIDENTIAL SPACES PUBLIC SPACES Porcelain stoneware for all applications. Il gres porcellanato come soluzione globale.

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GENERAL CATALOG 2017/2018 - 14

Continuity between indoors & outdoors. Continuità tra indoor & outdoor. For NovaBell the outdoors is a natural continuation of the indoor space. This is why the graphical details and colours of the surfaces are designed to ensure perfect coordination and communication between the interior and exterior. NovaBell legge l’outdoor come naturale prolungamento dello spazio interno, per questo motivo i movimenti grafici e cromatici di superficie sono progettati per ottenere una perfetta coordinazione e comunicazione tra interno ed esterno. Indoor und Outdoor im einheitlichen Look. NovaBell...

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GENERAL CATALOG 2017/2018 - 15

Outdoor advanced surface 20 mm tickness. NovaBell presents OutWalk 20, the multi-purpose porcelain stoneware slabs 20mm thick: a high-performance paving for a variety of innovative applications. NovaBell presenta OutWalk 20, le lastre in gres porcellanato multifunzione con spessore 20mm: un pavimento ad alte prestazioni che permette diverse innovative applicazioni. NovaBell präsentiert OutWalk 20, die Multifunktionsplatten aus Feinsteinzeug im Format und in der Stärke 20mm: ein Bodenbelag, der hohe technische Anforderungen erfüllt und verschiedene innovative. Einsatzmöglichkeiten bietet....

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GENERAL CATALOG 2017/2018 - 17

2O OUT Porcelain WALK slabs Thanks to its wide range of special trims OutWalk 20 takes care of all installation details completing outdoor spaces and gardens with precision solutions. Attraverso il vasto assortimento di pezzi speciali OutWalk 20 risolve tutti dettagli di posa completando con precisione outdoor e gardening. Dank der großen Auswahl an Formteilen wird OutWalk 20 allen Verlegeerfordernissen gerecht und ermöglicht präzise Flächengestaltungen im Außen- und Gartenbereich. Grâce au vaste assortiment de pièces spéciales, OutWalk 20 résout tous les détails de pose, en épousant...

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GENERAL CATALOG 2017/2018 - 18

Furnishing & accessories. 2O OUT Porcelain WALK slabs OutWalk 20 slabs can be custom designed to create furnishings perfectly in keeping with the rest of the surfaces. Le lastre OutWalk 20 possono essere lavorate su richiestra per la progettazione di complementi d’arredo in totale coordinazione con il resto delle superfici. Auf Anfrage ist die Bearbeitung der Platten OutWalk 20 möglich, wenn Einrichtungsaccessoires im einheitlichen Look mit den Flächenbelägen gewünscht werden. Les dalles OutWalk 20 peuvent être façonnées sur demande pour la conception d’accessoires d’ameublement en...

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GENERAL CATALOG 2017/2018 - 19

Plus Glazed Porcelain Gres Porcellanato Feinsteinzeug / Grès Cérame Not contain does volatile organic compounds Non contiene elementi organici volatili Enthält keine flüchtigen organischen elemente Ne contient pas de composés organiques volatiles Easy to clean Facile da pulire Pflegeleicht Facile à nettoyer Environment-friendly Ecologico Umweltfreundlich Écologique Non-absorbent Inassorbente Nicht wasseraufnahmefähig Résistant à l’absorption Colours that never fade Colori inalterabili Farbecht Couleurs inaltérables NovaBell Flame retardant Ignifugo Feuerhemmend Ignifuge Does not decompose...

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GENERAL CATALOG 2017/2018 - 20

NovaBell Ecosystem: environmental protection & 40% recycled materials. The “NovaBell Ecosystem” brand embodies the company’s sustainable development programme and comprises NovaBell products that contain a minimum of 40% recycled materials. Il marchio “NovaBell Ecosystem” identifica il programma aziendale di sviluppo sostenibile e in particolare identifica i prodotti NovaBell che contengono minimo il 40% di materiali riciclati. NovaBell has always attached great importance to the ethical values of respect for the environment and the health and safety of workers. NovaBell è da sempre...

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