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Suction Sweeper The City Ranger 3500 suction sweeper is a top-efficient attachment that is designed for municipalities and contractors. It is dedicated to keeping streets, parking lots, public parks, building sites, etc. clean and good-looking, and it is extremely good at it. Easy to operate and highly manoeuvrable; ergonomically designed and immensely convenient for the driver, who can direct most all operations from the cabin with the multifunction joystick and has an excellent view of everything while working. It always leaves a perfectly clean sweep. And despite its high payload, it only requires a category B driver’s license. Profitability The suction sweeper is made of high quality components and designed as a simple machine - fully hydraulic, without any electronics for higher wear-resistance. It is characterised by great durability, high reliability, easy maintenance and low operation costs. It is made for heavy duties and around the clock operations seven days a week with a 3-in-1 hopper that is useful for both sweeping and washing streets and collecting grass. A specialist Fitted to the City Ranger 3500, the suction sweeper works as expertly and efficiently as any one-purpose machine on the market – but with a lot more to offer. As a member of a multifunctional utility family, the attachment programme includes a number of other purpose-built specialists, thus adding up to a widely extended working range. With City Ranger 3500, attachment changeovers can be done in less than 10 minutes, indeed a very fast changeover for this machine class.

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Brushes With a sweeping width of 1.3-2.4 m, the two front brushes are strong enough to sweep while reversing, which is particularly efficient in right-angled corners. The sweeping width is controlled by the operator. So is the quantity of water used for damping the dust. And as the two brushes can be moved in and out separately, it is easy for the operator to sweep around pylons, street furniture and parked cars. Finally, the ground pressure of the brushes is adjustable. When reduced it saves energy and cuts the operating costs, while full pressure guarantees a totally spotless...

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Dust control The dust control of the sweeper is nothing short of perfect. Each of the two front brushes are fitted with two water nozzles, while additional four nozzles are positioned inside the suction hose. There is no risk of the sucked up dust being spread around. Naturally, the suction sweeper has been tested for efficiency and is PM 10 certified. Due to the rust free materials and the clean design of all working components, the sweeper is easy to clean and maintain. The suction hose is short and straight, designed for minimum blockage and easy cleaning. The high pressure washer is...

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With third brush: Length Width Height Storage (with two brushes): Length Width Height Storage (with third brush): Length Width Height 4,286 mm 1,568 mm Special features Sweeping width from 1.3—2.4 m with 2 brushes, increased to 3.1 m with 3rd brush Individually movable front brushes that can be run in and out Adjustable brush speed 0-150 rpm Pulled brushes i.e. with anti-collision protection Wide vacuum nozzle 740 mm located in front of the front axle, supported on 4 caster wheels Direct view to the vacuum nozzle through a glass floor panel in the cabin Short straight suction hose, 0 190 mm...

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