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SC400 - 1

The technology and benefits of a big machine in a small scrubber dryer

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SC400 - 2

The optional filling hose makes it easier for you to fill from the nearest available water tap and reduces downtime considerably The new squeegee design with foot pedal lifting means that you do not have to deal with annoying squeegee cables Built-in hook protects your brush during transport between cleaning locations

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SC400 - 3

More functionality for less Geniune Nilfisk quality, reliability & performance The Nilfisk SC400 provides the cleaning capacity and flexibility of a large scrubber dryer but built into a small handy machine. It is easy to operate and efficient to use. It is ideally suited for daily light to medium cleaning tasks in schools, institutions, hotels, smaller supermarkets and other retail outlets. The innovative handle is equipped with a practical LED display showing battery and water levels. Electronic flow control buttons, safety switch and on/off lever give you complete control. Easy, safe and...

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SC400 - 4

A Nilfisk machine functions optimally when cared for by regular service and maintenance visits. Therefore we have created the optimal service solution: three levels of service reflecting different requirements and an optional supply of a substitute machine in critical situations. Service Solutions Standard - Professional maintenance Your contract encompasses two yearly maintenance visits and 48 hours response time. Breakdown visits and spare parts are billed separately. Service Solutions Plus - Optimised performance With the Plus solution you have a firm grip on your maintenance and repair...

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