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Salt and Sand Spreader When the winter’s icy pathways are to be kept at bay, the salt and sand spreader is an allimportant attachment to the City Ranger 3500: With a plough attached onto the front and the salt and sand spreader attached on the back, the City Ranger 3500 becomes a highly efficient snow removal and de-icing machine, and a very trustworthy provider of safe winter traffic. Spreading efficiency The spreader has an operating speed of up to 30 km/hour and an efficient spreading width going from 1.5 m up to 8 m. The spreading material is closely observed and managed from the cabin so that only a minimum amount of spreading material is used. The spreader handles most all de-icing materials to an even and uniform distribution. Rust-free durability The salt and sand spreader is, of course, well protected against rust. Vital parts like the spreader plate, the grate, and the bottom plate under the feed screw are all made of stainless steel. The hopper is coated with a very strong finish of corrosion class C5, all the non-coated parts have a special wax protection and a tarpaulain curtain protects the machine against spatters of salt. Volume The hopper has an extra large volume of 800 l due to a special design with upright and even sides which create a much wider bottom. A special feed system with agitator brushes in the upper part of the hopper directing the material to the feed screw in the bottom prevents clotting and a pressure reducing relief plate reduces the wear and tear on the feed screw. With City Ranger 3500, attachment changeovers can be done in less than 10 minutes, indeed a very fast changeover for this machine class.

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Special features • Spreads salt, gravel, sand and slag • Fully speed dependent spreading • Start-stop and management of dosage from the cabin • Special feed system with feed screw and agitator brushes prevents blocking, crushes lumps and ensures precise and uniform spreading - ensures an even thawing of the ground • Hopper volume of 800 l • Operating speed up to 30 km/hour, highly efficient • Safety stop for spreading disc device • Vital parts like the spreader plate, the grid, and the bottom plate under the feed screw are all made of stainless steel • Coated with a very strong finish -...

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