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Mulch and Rotary Mower 1200 The mulch and rotary mower gives perfect mowing results all year round. You decide whether to use it as a rotary mower with or without a grass collector or as a mulch mower. The rotary mower is used on high, coarse and even wet grass. The mulch mower cuts grass several times and fertilises by blowing the fine-cut grass into the soil. This prevents, for example, the growth of moss and eliminates the need to rake up the grass. Changing to and from rotary mowing and mulch mowing is easy (special kits are available from all authorised Nilfisk Outdoor dealers). The machine can mow at speeds up to 12–13 km/h, handles slopes really well and is exceptionally easy to manoeuvre. It can get very close to tree trunks, under bushes and in between flower beds – and the operator has full visibility. When you change attachments, the City Ranger 2250 hydraulic hoses are connected at the turn of a handle!

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Technical dataMulch Mower and Rotary Mower 1200 1,080 mm 1,285 mm 580 mm Storage dimensions: Length Width Height Special features Excellent weight distribution and stability between the utility machine and the attachment. Quick return to floating position after lift Seat with pneumatic suspension (optional) for extra comfort Operator-friendly with adjustable steering wheel and seat Quiet cab interior The cutting guard has strengthened edges Wheels with wide tread that leave less noticeable tracks in the grass Cutting speed of up to 12-13 km/h The mower can tilt up and rest on two support...

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