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City Ranger 3570 Powerful and efficient – all seasons

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Welcoming cities Clean cities attract tourism and make local attractions stand out, providing a comfortable environment to visit. Lower maintenance costs Regular sweeping reduces the risk of sewage stoppage and cuts the cleaning and maintenance cost to 1/3. Less particle concentration Removing dust particles from the streets and having a low emission engine will provide a much better environment for the citizens.

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City-Ranger-3570 - 3

New power version! City Ranger 3570

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City-Ranger-3570 - 5

POWERFUL SUCTION SWEEPING Does your daily routine involve more than just carrying out sweeping tasks? Nilfisk Outdoors many years of experience within multifunction machines has resulted in the new City Ranger 3570 - meeting all your needs. Operator friendly working environment Panoramic view to surroundings, easy reachable controls and built in anti-collision protection makes operation close to obstacles simple. The integrated joystick in armrest, adjustable steering column and test winning comfort seat ensures a comfortable working environment for the operator. Ideal setup for operators...

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City-Ranger-3570 - 6

Intuitive control and a great panoramic view In City Ranger 3570 the controls are right at hand, the joystick is at the arm rest for relaxed handling. And the panoramic view from the large windscreens assures the operator a great overview of surroundings. ECO mode setting lowers noise and fuel consumption. Working mode button quickly gets you started.

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City-Ranger-3570 - 7

INTUITIVE DESIGN Intuitive controls – right at hand During work it matters that the machine is safe and Remembers your settings easy to use. The controls are positioned ergonomically The joystick display remembers the settings from correct and are intuitive to use. The huge frontscreen attachment to attachment - saving time and assists the and glass doors gives the operator an excellent view near obstacles and the surrounding traffic. The result is optimum safety for everyone. Joystick at arm rest All attachments are controlled by an ergonomically designed joystick. Located in the arm rest...

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City-Ranger-3570 - 8

We know that our City Rangers are workplaces in themselves. So we gave them very comfortable 2-seat cabs where every effort has been made to ensure a great working environment for operators. Air condition is standard, and the entire cab has been designed with comfort and easy operation in mind. Minimal vibrations The City Ranger 3570 has a fully suspended chassis, an independently suspended cab, leaf springs, wide-base tyres and an air-suspended operator seat which reduce vibrations and bumps from uneven surfaces to an absolute minimum. Adjustable comfort seat The air-suspended seat...

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City-Ranger-3570 - 9

Low noise level in the cabin for operator Test winning comfortable seat for long working days (option) A well aerated cab with F8 pollen filter Leaf springs and long wheelsbase provides relaxed drive with minimal vibrations Adjustable steering column for a relaxed working position

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City-Ranger-3570 - 10

QUALITY AND RETURN ON INVESTMENT The City Ranger 3570 is designed to be durable thanks to its high-quality components, corrosion protection and low-maintenance engine. Over time the concept has proven to be very trustworthy, ensuring down time is kept to a minimum. Low operating and maintenance costs The ECO mode setting ensures the engine RPM is kept low with a significant impact on fuel consumption, while still performing excellent for most assignments. This setting is standard and your operators will therefore automatically be driving efficiently throughout the day. Well established...

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City-Ranger-3570 - 11

High-quality components The City Rangers and their attachments are designed – and built – to last reducing the downtime. Original Nilfisk spare parts When it comes to reducing the total cost of ownership for the customer, we leave no room for experiments. Only original Nilfisk spare parts guarantees highest safety, performance and efficiency. We put a great deal of emphasis into testing components before they are implemented into production thereby ensuring a quality product for you

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City-Ranger-3570 - 12

Front brush Scrub deck Salt spreader Snow sweeper Snow blade Roller spreader

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City-Ranger-3570 - 13

The Nilfisk Outdoor range was specifically designed to set new standards for multi-functionality - bringing you the top performance of specialized machines and the ability to switch from one function to another in minutes. This allows you to minimize your investment in machines - and make the most of everything you have. One investment is all you need The Nilfisk Outdoor range in general allows you to minimize your machine fleet and maximize its uptime. One vehicle will handle everything - simply add the relevant attachments to make it do what you want. Offering very efficient attachments A...

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City-Ranger-3570 - 14

STREET CLEANING The City Ranger 3570 ensures impressive suction sweeper performance, making it easy for you to get the results you want. Town centres, sidewalks, streets and paths will all be sparkling clean when the City Ranger 3570 has passed by - including those hard-to-reach places around pylons, street furniture and in car parks. Superior suction power A unique airflow route ensures a consistent high suction performance providing great sweeping results at high operating speeds. Even in ECO mode, where noise and fuel consumption are both kept to a minimum. Low outside noise level LwA...

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City-Ranger-3570 - 15

Very high empty height 1600 mm dumping height ensures standard containers can be used on distant work sites. Anti-collision Unique anti-collision system avoiding obstacles and automatically resets the brush to previous position.

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City-Ranger-3570 - 16

Flexibility with versatile attachments You can handle snow in all your outdoor areas with the City Ranger 3750 and its quality attachments. The snow sweeper easily sweeps away up to 15 cm of light fluffy snow. Keep the traffic running smoothly with the powerful Ranger equipped with the 150 cm wide, manoeuvrable snow plough. A perfect choice for high speed snow clearing at 30 km an hour. The V-blade and dozer blade will both handle snow up to a depth of 45 cm. The vulcanized edge on the scrapers ensures smooth clearing with minimum noise.

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