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Sweep the city in a user and citizen friendly utility machine approved by EU The City Ranger 2250 fulfils all the demands of public municipalities Gain maximum flexibility and access in all tasks The City Ranger 2250 can be fully fitted with a complete Suction sweeper unit offering professional performance, flexibility and accessability to narrow spaces in all tasks. Our attachment programme for vac and sweep tasks consist of: Suction sweeper unit - 2, 3 or 4 brushes, Remote vacuum hose, High-pressure cleaner and Weed brush. The Suction sweeper is one of the most indispensable attachments designed for the City Ranger 2250. The utility machine owes its all-year-round capability to this attachment. In spring the operator can clean grit and grime, left over from the winter, from streets and paths. In the autumn it takes care of the wind-blown leaves and dirt. In summer it keeps the outdoor areas free of cans, paper, litter etc. Professional efficiency - approved to friendliness High suction power performance is combined with PM10 certification, low emmission and noice-levels and EU environmental approval. You achieve state-of-the-art power and an environmentally friendly utility machine that ensures perfect cleaning results. The Suction sweeper is effective everywhere - on paths and pavements, verges, driveways, outdoor and indoor parking areas, etc. straight into any nook or cranny. The Suction sweeper unit has two, three or four brushes, each with its own water sprayer, a remote vacuum hose with nozzle, a water tank and a hopper for the collected rubbish. The equipment units are designed to work perfectly together. Dust control with unique filter system Each brush has its own water sprayer. The water container (100 l) is connected to the hopper, which is equipped with a unique self-cleaning rotary filter system. The filter binds dust to the water, preventing it from blowing out of the sides of the hopper. Fitting and removal of the Suction sweeper unit is quick and easy with the special designed roller stand. The five metre long remote vacuum hose is always ready to vacuum. When not in use, it is discreetly fitted on top of the container. The Weed brush is the perfect, most-effective eco-friendly tool for keeping outdoor areas weedfree, i.e. specialised in pavements, paths, flagstones, asphalt, etc. - without the use of pesticides. Let the City Ranger 2250 sweep the weeds in your city - and nothing is left behind. You will be amazed of its capacity! Get professional capacity with your City Ranger 2250

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City Ranger 2250 - 2 · Cost Saving City Ranger 2250 When duty calls in the city - your Nilfisk Outdoor Ranger is ready! Assignments in green areas Assignments in winter time Your City Ranger can be equipped with a complete attachment programme, for optimum handling of assignments in green areas. The City Ranger 2250 can be fully mounted with a complete Suction sweeper unit offering professional performance in all tasks. The City Ranger can also be equipped with durable attachments, which efficiently solve the winter seasons demanding tasks. Green attachment...

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City Ranger 2250 - 3

Power and versatility for city cleaning! Nilfisk Outdoor presents the 4 cylinder City Ranger 2250 with significantly reduced cabin noise and attractive ECO mode. Small in size - but so big in performance! Strong 35 HP engine with 4 wheel drive handles all Green, White and Black assignments of city cleaning. A complete range of tailor-made quality attachments ensures perfect results. Get maximum versatility and efficiency - by the world’s fastest shift between attachments, articulated manoeuvrability, easy handling and operation with maximum operator comfort. A high-end solution for outdoor...

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City Ranger 2250 - 4

Winter challenges are no match for a well equipped City Ranger 2250 The City Ranger 2250 handles any kind of snow level - from light to heavy! Enter the winter time - with ease of mind When winter brings snow and icy surfaces - your City Ranger can handle all the challenges. The attachment programme for winter assignments covers: Snow sweeper, Dozer blade, Snow V-blade, Snow blower and Salt and sand spreader. When you change attachments, the hydraulic hoses are connected at the turn of a handle! Maintain all the benefits of the machine performance when operating the tailor-made attachments....

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City Ranger 2250 - 5

The grass is greener on this side when your Ranger has cut across The City Ranger 2250 is the perfect green city machine For the city centre, verges, roundabouts, parks etc. The strong City Ranger 2250 is ready to solve all your versatile green assignments. With 35 HP and 4 wheel drive at hand, the job is done in no time. The utility machine has the worlds´ fastest change between attachments - less than 1 minute. The articulated City Ranger 2250 offers maximum manoeuvrability and the compact design allows access to narrow paths. The green programme for the City Ranger 2250 offers: Mulch...

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City Ranger 2250 - 6

Ingenuity and reliable quality solutions are the trademark of Nilfisk Outdoor Rangers Efficient and professional assembly at Nilfisk Outdoor Environmentally friendly At Nilfisk Outdoor we focus on a continous improvement of all the environmental aspects of our products. Right from minimising the external effects on citizens and operator - like sound, fumes and other hazards from operation, to the improvement of dust control by efficient filter systems and the right material quality - highly recyclable. Nilfisk Outdoor makes no compromises in our technologies and product materials. We aim at...

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