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Tetris Floor - 2

Safety from the floor onwards Alongside the visual effect and functionality, one important aspect is increasingly becoming the focus of attention in planning activities: safety. A requirement that Tetris Floor flooring systems perfectly implements in many respects. Tetris Floor is a tongue and groove hollow floor system, made up of the innovative plaster material calcium sulphate, the only building material of its kind that is classified throughout Europe with building materials class A1, noncombustible (acc. to DIN EN 13501-1). Whether used in panelled access floors or sheet-panelled acces...

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Tetris Floor - 3

We take our work seriously, and open to your ideas. This is probably the best way to describe the character of Tetris Floor. You can rely on the durability and high load-carrying capacity of these floors. The foundation for the high stability is already laid during the production of the plaster boards. The unique winding process by Knauf Integral determines the homogenous material structure before the extremely high compressing to 1500 kg/m³ and more takes place in the subsequent pressing process. You can obtain Tetris Floor as panelled access floor green ware or sheet-panelled access floor...

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Tetris Floor - 4

Comfort for all! The dry laying of Tetris Floor offers numerous advantages compared with wet flooring systems. No additional moisture is added to the construction during installation. That is the important thing: Tetris Floor requires no drying time at all. So, depending on the project, you can save several weeks of construction time. Moreover, we like to walk quietly and here is a further plus point of Tetris Floor: the good insulation against transmitted impact sound. And, when it comes to floor covering options, surface finishing and handling Tetris Floor always turns out to be the right...

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Tetris Floor - 5

Tetris Floor panelled access floor panels – All advantages at a glance Optimum access to underground installations, as every element can be removed separately. Can be combined with Tetris Floor tongue and groove raised floor, e.g. upon request, the appropriate transition profiles can be supplied for installation runs. Application areas: switch rooms, media and research centres, installation-intensive corridor and building areas, as inspection elements in Tetris Floor sheet-panelled access floors. Delivered as oversize green ware for standard grid 600 x 600 mm. Standard thickness: 13 - 40...

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Tetris Floor - 6

FHB Tetris Floor FHB, F181 All advantages at a glance Increased laying efficiency on account of board dimensions 1200 x 600 mm. High laying security due to bracing. Greater loading capacity also with comparatively less board thickness (stabilizing effect on account of glued tongue and groove fixing). Level evenness thanks to the calibrated board thickness and tongue and groove structure. High security on account of system components that are coordinated to one another and inspected. Fire resistance class at least F30 (acc. to DIN 4102). Possible to erect dry walls (stud partition systems)...

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Tetris Floor - 7

BAT Tetris Floor panelled access floor panels – All advantages at a glance High-performance installation on account of the dimension 600x1200mm of the panels. Load bearing area non-combustible. Installation of floor coverings prefabricated in a workshop. could be High level of prefabrication. Short term for installation. Easy to uninstall. Noticeable reduction of weight. Surface areas and risers made of the same material. Straight and curved forms are feasible. Direct fixing of the chairs to the Tetris Floor panels. High resistance thanks to the toughness of the material. 7

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Tetris Floor - 8

Tetris Floor standardized panels (Other thicknesses of the FHB panels on request, observe special delivery time) Technical data Name CE-marking FHB 25 Weights (Density ≥ 1500 kg/m3) Panel Sizes Panel net size mm Panel thickness mm c. kg/pc. c. kg/m2 Unit pcs./palett 1200x600 25 27.0 37.5 35 pcs./pal. 25 13.5 37.5 70 pcs./pal. 28 30.2 42.0 30 pcs./pal. 28 15.1 42.0 60 pcs./pal. 32 34.6 48.0 25 pcs./pal. 32 17.3 48.0 50 pcs./pal. 38 41.2 57.0 20 pcs./pal. 38 20.6 57.0 40 pcs./pal. GF-W1DIR1/1200/600/25-C1/NF 600x600 GF-W1DIR1/600/600/25-C1/NF FHB 28 1200x600 GF-W1DIR1/1200/600/28-C1/NF...

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Tetris Floor - 9

Raw material and production / Building biological data Raw material and production Tetris Floor is produced from natural gypsum and a portion of FGD-gypsum mixed with cellulose fibres made of sorted recycled paper and cardboard. The natural gypsum is extracted in an area c. 30 km around the factory in open-cast minings. The naturalchemical identical clean FGD gypsum is calcined with the natural gypsum to stucco. The papers are soaked in big tanks. After processing time they are mixed with processing water and the stucco to a mush. This mush is put on a transport belt, reaching a thickness...

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Tetris Floor - 10

Building physical material values Fire protection Sound insulation

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Tetris Floor - 11

Load classes of hollow floors acc. to EN 13213 Load classes of hollow floors acc. to EN 13213 Allowable bearing capacities (working loads) for sheet-panelled access floors single-layer F18111 (acc. to EN 13213) Allowable bearing capacities (working loads) for sheet-panelled access floors single-layer F18211 (acc. to EN 13213) The load bearing capacity of the tested double-layr systems is mainly affected by the thickness of the lower bearing panel. Reducing the thickness of the lower panel reduces the load bearing capacity of the complete system, even the total thickness of the system is...

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Tetris Floor - 12

Integrated hot water heating systems When it comes to sensitive top surfaces further to the advantages of Tetris. Tetris Klima warming and cooling system creates a comfortable environment saving space and resources due to the low temperature warm water and low running costs. This system can offer both aesthetic benefits -such as the disappearance of intrusive radiators thanks to the out of sight heating pipes - and the maximum comfort on account of the radiant heat, which is the most natural type of heating. The construction of the system consists of two-layers of Tetris floor gypsum panels...

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