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Tailor made solutions: 4.0 and Venice


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With NESITE you can create your own floor Nesite expands its product range with solutions that allow the maximum customization. 4.0, the raised floor panel with pigmented resin that makes it possible to obtain a personalized floor with various shades of color; Venice, the high-class floor that incorporates a modern reconstruction of the Venetian terrace, with the possibility of creating unique decorations with natural materials. Two solutions that bring the raised floor to reach even higher aesthetic levels in order to satisfy the most demanding customers.

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Tailor made solutions: 4.0 and Venice - 4

4.0: Enhance your project with more color possibilities Choose the color of your floor in full freedom

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Tailor made solutions: 4.0 and Venice - 5

The print is one of the added values of this product. Make your floor unique! With 4.0 you can choose, in addition to the color, any subject and repropose it in your own environment.

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Tailor made solutions: 4.0 and Venice - 6

4.0:MATT PIGMENTED RESIN FINISH 4.0 is the new raised floor panel with high density calcium sulphate panels, upper covering with a heterogeneous resin made of pigments dispersed in a film-forming compound which, after drying, forms a high-resistance, scratch-resistant and shockproof film. The panel can be available with small thickness edge trims( 0.45-0.6 mm) in solid or neutral( anthracite grey) color. Moreover, there is the possibility to customize the sample color or choosing from the RAL chart. RAL 5023 RAL 5012 Distant blue Ligh blue

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MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Accessible panels by standard suction cups The cleaning follows the standard indications of the raised floor The panels are subject to the raised floor requirements (HR 40-75% e T°C 5-35°) Formaldehyde-free panel (EN 717-1) and low volatile content varnish VOC(< 300 μg/m³) RAL or sample color chart 100% separately recyclable components Fire safety Class Bfl, s1 according to euroclass EN13501-1 Passed Taber abrasion test (ASTM C1353), impact testing and slipping testing (DIN V 18032-2:2001-04

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CHEMICAL RESISTANCE TESTS: // Surface resistance to cold liquids (UNI EN 12720) MECHANICAL RESISTANCE TESTS: // Test for abrasion resistance of the surfaces (UNI 9115:1987); // Impact test (ISO6272); // Cross-cut test (ISO2409); // Resistance to chemical agents test (EN 13442); // Scratch resistance test (UNI EN ISO 4586-2). FIRST CLEANING: Product: NESITE CLEAN’UP (FILA CLEANER) diluted 1:10 Quantity: 1/2 liters for 100 square meters, depending on the degree of dirt Wash using NESITE CLEAN’UP diluted in water. If possible, use warm water and wring out the mop well by rinsing it often in...

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Tailor made solutions: 4.0 and Venice - 10

VENICE: Create the decoration and choose the material, we will turn your idea into an unparalleled raised floor

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VENICE: HIGH-PERFORMANCE CEMENTITIOUS AGGLOMERATED STONES The tradition of the Venetian terrace meets the functionality of the raised floor. Venice is manufactured exclusively with natural components such as aggregates (obtained by crushing the resulting materials from marble, granite, quartz and quartzite quarries), silica sand, water, cement, dyes and natural - derived additives usually employed in cement mixtures. Water absorption significantly lower than natural stones. Do not contain resins or other synthetic products that are not compatible with the environmental protection...

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NO-LIMITS COMPOSITION On request we can supply different sizes, as well as edge trims, inserts (pearls, other precious stones, shells, colored glasses, mirrors, etc.), with thickness up to 3.00 cm. Finishes glossy polished (matt) slip-resistant R9,R10,R11 (DIN 51130) brushed (antiqued) Dimensions 40 x 40 cm 60 x 60 cm 120 x 60 cm CUSTOMIZATION You can choose natural stones, and create new and original compositions.

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Venice is eco-friendly as it contains natural components; the large amount of the stones enclosed in the tiles (over 75%) gives to the product a full, continuous, natural, precious appearance. The vibro-compaction under vacuum process determines high physical-mechanical characteristics, such as the high resistance to abrasion, compression and poor water absorption, all with contained thicknesses. Fire resistance class 0 ISO/DIN 1182. 2 average values on tiles 40x40x1, 5 cm glossy without any surface protection and after 28 days of seasoning on request finish according to the slip...

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Tailor made solutions: 4.0 and Venice - 16

NESITE is the reference brand in the raised floors sector owned by the Transpack Group. Active on the international market for 50 years, it stands out for its innovative design, perfect engineering and Italian manufacture. Nesite’s goal has always been to offer, elegant and technically flawless solutions, characteristics that, combined with high performance and flexibility, make Nesite raised floors a clear reference in the specific sector. Choosing NESITE means communicating with a company capable of combining the exclusive flexibility of the artisan company with the professionalism and...

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Transpack Group Service spa Via San Marco, 11 35129 Padova, Italy T. +39 049 8072536 F. +39 049 773067

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