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Strong Floor STRONG FLOOR Strong Floor is the steel cementitious floor by Nesite available for standard applications up to extra heavy duty applications. The panels can be provided in various versions: bare covering, suitable for loose laying carpet or vinyl, or with factory bonded coverings such as antistatic HPL or with static dissipative/conductive vinyl. The special design of panel ensures high mechanical resistance to comply with all the latest requirements of raised access floor performances.

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Strong Floor FIELDS OF APPLICATION Strong Floor, with anti-static, static-dissipative or conductive coverings, is widely used in: // computer rooms // communication centers // control rooms // technical rooms // data centers // power stations // offices // meeting rooms Moreover, it can be applied in hospital operation rooms and electronic imaging examination rooms or other electrostatic sensitive industry as military, petrochemical and other projects with high fire performance requirements.

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Strong Floor PRODUCT PRODUCTDETAILS RANGE THE PANEL BARE PANEL Strong Floor panel is made of high quality deep stretch coil steel sheet punched, spot-welded and epoxy powder coated. The panel, available with various thickness of steel sheet according to the mechanical performance required, is filled with foamed cement using a high pressured pump to ensure that cement mix reaches all panel's corner. It can be with holes on the corners to be locked on die-formed head pedestal or it can be installed on rigid grid made by bolted stringers. Panel dimension is controlled with high...

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Strong Floor BARE PANEL Bare panel is characterized by corner-lock holes and bare top steel sheet suitable for loose laying coverings as carpet, vinyl or rubber. Bare panel can be corner locked to pedestal with steel die formed head or with steel flat head that guarantees high stability to the system even without stringers. Bare panel is powder coated in an epoxy paint finish that guarantees anti corrosion protection.

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Strong Floor VYNIL PANEL HPL PANEL HPL panel is characterized by anti-wear and antistatic HPL (high pressure laminate) factory bonded, 1.2 or 1.5 mm thickness. HPL panel can be corner locked to pedestal head or installed by gravity on substructure with connecting bolted stringers. HPL panel can be with conductive pvc edge trim or without edge trim. High pressure laminate is used in all computer room applications as control rooms, technical rooms, data centers and communications centers. Vinyl panel is characterized by static dissipative or conductive PVC factory bonded, 2 mm...

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Strong Floor GENERAL CHARACTERISTICSMECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS* Panels size Panel thickness Panel squareness (measured on a diagonal on top of the panel) Panel size Panel flatness (diagonal corners) powder coated protective epoxy Panel Fire performance acc. ASTM E84-01 // Concentrated load (SECTION I) The purpose is to determine the maximum deflection(s) and permanent set(s) of an access floor under load applied through a steel indentor 1" (25.4 mm) square in the weakest point of the panel. // Ultimate load (SECTION II) The purpose is to verify the ability of an access floor to accept the...

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Strong Floor SUBSTRUCTURE RANGE RIGID GRID SYSTEM Strong Floor has a wide range of substructure is suitable for all type of installations. The structure can be provided stringerless or with stringers, according to the floor height and the load requirements. steel cement panel 600 x 600 x 35 mm fastener M6 x 45 mm PEDESTAL BASE TUBE Nesite Strong Floor has a large variety of pedestal types with different specifications according to many applications and performance required. Base tube sizes available: // Square 22.3 x 22.3 mm // Round Ø 22.3 mm // Round Ø 25 mm // Round Ø 28 mm // Round Ø 32...

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Strong Floor Corner lock system of Strong Floor can be made of 3 different pedestals: STEEL DIE-FORMED HEAD Steel die-formed square head is 82x82 mm and 4 mm thick. It is fitted with an expansion gasket designed to keep the panels separated by 0.3mm at all times. This eliminates the panels clicking or rubbing up against each other during expansion. Panel is locked to the head by corner lock screws. CORNER LOCK SYSTEM FLAT HEAD WITH GASKET Steel flat head is 75x75 mm and 3 mm thick. It can be provided with antistatic gasket designed to keep the panels separated and to eliminate the panels...

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Strong Floor STRONG FLOOR: PANEL FINISHING The main features are: // Special antistatic properties // High scratch resistance // High abrasion resistance // High impact resistance // Excellent moisture resistance // Good water resistance // Good vapour resistance // Excellent resistance to high temperatures // Good resistance to chemicals // Ease of cleaning // Good dimensional stability // Excellent reaction to fire with low fumes HIGH PRESSURE LAMINATE Antistatic high pressure laminate is one of the most used finishing particularly suitable for raised access flooring systems. HPL has...

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Strong Floor PERFORATED PANELS ALUMINIUM PERFORATED PANEL 55%) The aluminium panel is available in two versions: AF500 AF600 This aluminum panel is designed to support heavy load and ventilation rate is as high as 55%. Sliding damper can be installed at the bottom of the panel to meet air flow rate requirement of 0-55%. This panel can be installed with any of Nesite anti-static steel raised floor and aluminum raised floor. FEATURES: // 55% open area for high volume air flow // available with top-adjusting slide dampers // die cast aluminum construction // suitable for cleanroom...

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Strong Floor STEEL PERFORATED PANEL Steel perforated panel is 600x600 mm, 30 or 35 mm thickness, made of high-quality steel by drawing, punching, spot-welding and powder-coating. It has perforated surface with 22% airflow rate and can be supplied with or without mechanical damper. This panel can be installed with steel raised floor, with air flow requirements 0-22% with HPL or PVC top coverings. AF200 PANEL AF200 is a steel perforated panel 600x600 mm with perforated surface of 25% available with or without mechanical damper with anti-corrosion epoxy powder coated surface. This panel can be...

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