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RAISED ACCESS FLOOR product catalogue 2 0 1 9 n e s i t e raising your projects

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raised floor system

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n e s i t e raising your projects

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n e s i t e raising your projects industrial in size, artisan in the heart: this is how great customized projects come to life NESITE, brand of Transpack Group, is the reference point in the raised floor sector. For 50 years the company’s goal has been offering solutions that can satisfy both the technical and aesthetic requirements, “elevating” the floor from a purely technical system to a furniture that can be a key element of the space where it is installed. Hence the innovative drive of the company, that over the years has developed highly customized products for complex and prestigious...

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product catalogue 2019 - 8

raising your projects experience Choosing Nesite raised floors means taking benefit from the experience of a leading company, committed to the highest quality of its products for more than 55 years. An experience that becomes reality in the identification of technical solutions that allow to manage and deal with the most complex projects. The know-how and the care in working the finished product made Nesite’s proposal a reference in the international market. passion Nesite raised floor is made in Italy, following the most rigid criteria. The research of innovative solutions, the excellent...

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n e s i t e raising your projects Nesite proposes itself as a partner in the most prestigious projects, offering exclusive solutions to the most original requests for the execution of a raised floor system. The international projects carried out are the testimony of the value that Nesite has been able to bring to its customers. The technical competence combined with the ability to understand the specific needs of the customer gives life to a raised floor system of high aesthetic value, in harmony with the surrounding environment. Nesite raised floors are produced in compliance with EN 12825...

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n e s i t e raising your projects

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n e s i t e raising your projects leadership in energy and environmental design Nesite is an eco - friendly company as for the production of its raised floor uses only recycled and recyclable materials, certified by accredited authorities. Choosing Nesite raised floor means selecting a product realized according to criteria of environmental sustainability and with certified materials; therefore, Nesite is able to adequately respond to the requests coming from LEED or BREEAM projects. Nesite has contributed to the certification of some prestigious projects such as the Louvre of Abu Dhabi...

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raising your projects Standard EN12825 establishes the guidelines concerning the main characteristics of raised floor. Nesite always provides designers with a product whose specifications meet 100% EN 12825 European standard indications, without sacrificing the creative possibilities of each individual implementation.

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raising your projects E N 12 825 STAN D A R D load capacity fire performance Decisive for the physical safety of people who live and work on a raised floor, the fire performance is the quality that must be guaranteed in terms of fire reaction (participation in combustion) and fire resistance (mechanical resistance, smoke emission and thermal insulation). Both are determined by the characteristics of each component and / or material that constitutes the raised floor. The parameter of the fire resistance indicates the quality and the behaviour of the raised floor in case of fire and...

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product catalogue 2019 - 14

n e s i t e raising your projects RAISED FLOOR SYSTEM

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product catalogue 2019 - 15

n e s i t e raising your projects RAISED FLOOR SYSTEM The raised floor, also known as “floating floor”, is an accessible dry floor system which allows to create a space for electrical, telephone, data, heating and plumbing systems. Born with the first electronic centers, it is also used as a plenum for air conditioning distribution in particular of technical rooms. the system The raised floor is composed of modular panels combined with a galvanized steel supporting structure. The panels can have different types of core (chipboard or inert) and top covering (plastic laminate, resilient, gres...

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product catalogue 2019 - 16

RAISED FLOOR SYSTEM raising your projects STRUCTURE » No height limit » Minimum adjustment: +/- 25mm » Corrosion resistant » High load resistance » Easy installation The structure is the fundamental element of a raised floor, as it determines the height over the surface it is lying on. It is composed of two elements: the columns which constitute the vertical element adjustable in height, and the connection stringers. The structure is available in different heights for different needs, from a minimum of 3 cm to 100 cm in the standard version. Upon request, it is also available for bigger...

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product catalogue 2019 - 17

Structure without stringers, suitable for light loads and heights < 60 cm. Pedestal glued to the slab. Structure with light, open crosssection stringers that strengthen the system horizontally, ensuring stability between the columns even without gluing them to the sub-floor, in case of heights < 60 cm. Structure with medium resistance and open cross-section stringers. Ideal for areas with medium traffic. Structure with high resistance and closed cross-section stringers. Ideal for data centers, technical rooms or offices with high traffic. The BPC structure is indicated for very high loads...

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product catalogue 2019 - 18

RAISED FLOOR SYSTEM The panels are the main part of the raised floor system, at the same time helping to ensure the designed load resistance and determining the aesthetic characteristics of the space. Each panel consists of four elements: I. Top covering, the element that characterizes the appearance of the finished floor. Available in a wide range of materials and colors. II. Panel core, the structure the panel is made of, which determines the characteristics of resistance to loads and to fire. It can be made of various kinds of materials in various thicknesses. III. Edge trim, in high...

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product catalogue 2019 - 19

n e s i t e raising your projects CHIPBOARD CORE » Good footfall comfort » Discreet acoustic comfort » Good load capacity » Fire resistance: 30 min. » Interchangeable panels that are easy to remove » Wide range of top coverings Its light weight, low cost, ease of processing, simple and economical installation, combined with good technical characteristics, make the chipboard core the most requested and used in the market. The element that defines the mechanical qualities of this material is its density. Nesite uses exclusively FSC chipboard in class E1 (according to EN 717-2) for its panels,...

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