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Juno - 2

NESITE, brand of Transpack Group, is the reference point in the raised floors sector. Since 50 years the company’s goal is to offer solutions that can satisfy both the technical and aesthetic requirements, “elevating” the floor from a purely technical system to a furniture that can be a key element of the space where it is installed. Hence the innovative drive of the company, that over the years has developed highly customized products for complex and prestigious international projects, combining the typical flexibility of the artisan company with the professionalism and production capacity...

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Juno - 4

Nesite presents JUNO: the new high-brightness LED walkable panel. Designed to fit inside raised floors, JUNO allows you to create paths of light or highlight objects within an environment, with maximum flexibility. Composed of eco-friendly materials, it has a very low energy consumption with a minimum duration of 30,000 h and absorption of only 30 W.

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Juno - 6

JUNO is available in (PL) version with diffused light on the whole surface and in SP version with engraving or silk-screen printing. Designed as decorative panel, Juno can be customized with various texture, making unique each project where it is installed. The finish in Solid Surface HI-MACS®, in addition to ensuring resistance and ease of maintenance, makes the panel elegant and refined, ideal for projects with high aesthetic impact. HI-MACS Natural Acrylic Stone* @ LG Hausys

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Juno - 8

JUNO. LED light panel 60x60 cm, 3 cm thick, walkable, easy to maintain; minimum duration 30,000 h with absorption of only 30 Watt. OPERATING VOLTAGE DC 24V COLOUR PROFILE - White, Black, Silver FLUX 4000 lm IP 20 protection class EMISSION ANGLE 120° COLOUR TEMPERATURE TYP W NW WW RGB ENERGY LABEL A+

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Juno - 9

ESITE' +39 049 8072536 Via San Marco, 11 35100 - Padova ITALY

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