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Alza il livello dell'ambiente Ermes Gres Floor The new system "Ermes Floor" has been created to meet the needs of an indoor subfloor always clean and dry, even in those areas where water is largely used and seepages to the subfloor may be frequent (bathrooms, laboratories, offices with high levels of humidity). Our answer to such necessity is a panel in calcium sulphate, which ensures the stability of the panel and its lasting performances for a long time, with a covering in gres of ceramic, which can meet at the same time the needs for high quality and elegance as well as to offer a wide range of aesthetical solutions. The calcium sulphate core can be 28 mm, 30 mm or 34 mm thick. During the production process the edge trim is glued to the panel core thanks to a specific adhesive; the gres finish is bevelled on the top surface, so to ensure a refined final result. After the installation the panels are sealed by using appropriate products supplied by Nesite in order to prevent water from seeping into the subfloor. In case of need to access to the subfloor this sealing product can be easily removed and later on applied again. Advantages S Easy to clean S Water resistant S Ensures greater hygiene S Rooms' layout flexibility S Possibility to access to the subfloor S Easy to maintain overtime TECHNICAL DATA FIELD OF APPLICATION APPLICATION NOTES Bathrooms, laboratories, kitchen and rooms with high levels of Suitable for interior. Transpack Group Service S.p.A. reserves the right to change technical data without notice Rev. March 2011 Transpack Group Service S.p.A. Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 20 - 35028 Piove di Sacco (PD) - Italy - Tel. +39.049.9704403 - Fax +39.049.9705363 - -

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