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Diffuse - 6

Diffuse is a dry radiant raised floor - completely accessible - therefore, it does not require any cement screed for the thermal regulation of the environment where it is installed. It is lightweight, fast and easy to install, can be immediately walked on and has a very low thermal inertia. This latter feature , due to the reduced mass of dry systems, makes Diffuse very suitable for installation in areas where a quick response is needed both for heating in winter and cooling in summer. The innovative radiant raised floor Diffuse by Nesite was developed in collaboration with FloorTech - a...

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Diffuse - 8

The Diffuse system by Nesite is composed of elements that integrate each other: 1/ Modular removable finishing panels that make up the walkable surface, made of a core of various high density materials (inert and inorganic). The top covering material can be very different, allowing an extremely wide range of choice. Among them: • Ceramics • Natural marble • Natural granite • Natural parquet • Carpet • Linoleum • Vinyl • Plastic Laminate 2/ Distribution system of the exchange fluid (water) through special multilayer pipes (PE-RT/ALU/PE-RT) which guarantees a low linear expansion, easy...

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Diffuse - 9

RAISING STRUCTURE MP structure complete with stringers type L and/or M, fully steel galvanized, with special dual-head to support together both the finishing panels and the thermal insulating panels. Height adjustment from 14 to 65 cm just acting from the top, no need to move the radiant panels already installed. Its construction and design give to the system a higher resistance to loads compared to that obtainable with a standard slab. RADIANT PANELS The fundamental element that gives the highest thermal efficiency to the system according to UNI-EN 1264 subtype B, is the lower thermal...

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Diffuse - 12

Diffuse is the maximum evolution of radiant raised access floors. It consists of special panels made of a sandwich formed by a patented aluminium shaped radiant body, enclosed between a lower polystyrene insulating layer and a top finish panel. The special shaping of the aluminum foil allows the perfect fit of a multilayer pipe, thus enabling the highest thermal efficiency. The pipeline supplies the Diffuse system with water at a low temperature (up to 35 ° C in heating and 17 ° C in cooling) coming from a thermal plant. The aluminum foil acts as a diffuser of the thermal power and ensures...

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Diffuse - 13

The total accessibility to said systems is granted through an easy operation: removing the finishing panels and the neutral diffuser panels (without piping], which are totally independent one from the other. This operation can be repeated as many times as necessary: without intervention of skilled personnel, without any connection to existing installations which limits the handling, without special tools for removal and repositioning of the panels. Simplicity, ease and precision for the maximum comfort. The huge versatility of Diffuse: light, easy to install and completely dry, applicable...

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Diffuse - 15

The standard plant is very easy since it is composed of few simple elements: // Raised floor made of radiant panels Diffuse that, for the distribution of the exchange fluid (water), uses special multilayer pipes (see Figure 3) (PE-RT / ALU / PE-RT) able to guarantee a low linear expansion, ease of installation, flexibility and dimensional stability, impermeability to oxygen, corrosion resistance, as well as the highest heat exchange efficiency. // Distribution manifolds (see Figure 2): they receive water from thermal plant and they can deliver it to a variable number of circuits, from 2...

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Diffuse - 17

Radiant raised floors able to ensure good heating in winter and cooling in summer have very important advantages with respect to ventilation systems carrying out the same functions. Especially in the service sector, nowadays it is essential having a versatile accessible system, able to air condition large rooms evenly, giving them maximum flexibility for the distribution of space and easy regulation. In addition, the response speed of the system, the high thermal efficiency and the resulting reduced energy consumption are also very important elements. The endless choice of finishes, from...

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Diffuse - 18

HEATING COMFORT With a radiant floor heating system operating at 26 ° to 27 °C you can obtain a homogeneous heat diffusion which Leads the entire area at temperatures close to 22 °C in a very short time. The heat is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the floor and is not concentrated in certain points. The result: high and healthy comfort level. With Diffuse, people get the maximum comfort thanks to the optimal distribution of temperature. The temperature in the room, indeed, is the closest possible to the ideal curve for the best comfort of human bodies. With Diffuse, people can...

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Diffuse - 19

COOLING COMFORT Diffuse ensures a high degree of comfort also in the cooling phase. In this case the thermal plant will be composed of a heat pump unit capable of delivering both warm and cold water; in case of cooling the average water temperature will be of 17 °C. When used in cooling, it is advisable to use the radiant floor system in combination with a dehumidifying and air exchange system. When air is less warm, it is also less dry, and that goes all for the benefit of the respiratory system. In fact, the excessive heating of the air (typical of ventilation systems) with consequent...

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Diffuse - 20

ADVANTAGES IN ENERGY SAVING Thanks to the time response and the Low temperature of supply, it is possible to save up to 15% energy more than a traditional floor on screed. Moreover, thanks to the possibility of maintaining the air temperature at about 2 ° C lower than a ventilation system, with equal comfort, in an area varying in height from 3 to 5 meters, it is possible to reach an energy saving from 20 to 40%. Panel NEW BASIC FloorTech 22/45 mm, dens. 30 kg/m3 Kg/m3 DRY SYSTEM ECO DRY BY FLOORTECH Wood parquet (min. thickness 14 mm) or HPL (min. thickness 12 mm), self-adhesive...

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