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years raising your projects

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Nesite > raising your projects Confusion below Perfection above The best in the field of raised floors. Where high performance, safety and elevated aesthetical value become one. That is the creation by Nesite, the Italian company that brought raised floors to the maximum level of creativity and technology. Just as a water-lily hides and host an intricate and confusing life form under water, so Nesite raised floors hide every type of system that makes modern buildings functional, offering a perfect modularity together with the most prestigious finishes.

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Nesite > raising your projects > Raising Your projects

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Nesite > raising your projects > Innovative spirit Always pushing forward Nesite is the brand of reference in the raised floor sector. Being in the field for 50 years, Nesite stands out for its innovative design, its perfect engineering and Italian manufacturing. Nesite’s objective has always been to offer innovative, elegant and technically exemplary solutions, joined with high performance and flexibility. Those features make Nesite raised floors a clear reference in the panorama of its specific sector. Nesite, the most innovative Italian company of raised floors. Raised floor Net Center...

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Nesite > raising your projects Improving the technical performance of our floors. Seeking innovative solutions with excellence in our sights. Being always quicker in the time to market and lead time. Choosing the best growth trajectory without straying off-route. Being in pole position compared to all our competitors. Going beyond all expectations. To win, together with you.

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Nesite > raising your projects > Nesite: The story of raised floor 1964 Hiross is born, a company producing industrial systems of air-conditioning and raised floors 1964-1990 Hiross becomes a market leader and one of the biggest producers of raised floors in Europe 1996 Nesite acquires all the machinery, know how, certificates, patents and staff of Hiross’ raised floor section and creates a company specialized in the sector 2000-2001 Nesite obtains the quality certificates ISO 9001 and 14001 2002 Nesite opens a second production site dedicated to the production of high class raised floor in...

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Nesite > raising your projects > Identical focus, one only group: Think big to move ahead Great projects request great networks to be realised. For this reason, since 2010, Nesite became a division of Transpack Group Service Spa, a company of the Transpack group. This transition made Nesite stronger in orienting its products and services towards quality and innovation to be able to determine new performances and creative levels, thus satisfying the most prestigious clients’ demands. Raised floor with top covering in slate Net Center Padua, Italy

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Nesite > raising your projects Since 1973 the Transpack group has specialised in the industrial packaging production and in the distribution of logistical services. Throughout the years, by acquiring and founding Newco, it has become one of the main players in the field of integrated logistics. With the intent of business diversification, it has progressively invested in the building and real estate sector, monitored by Transpack Group Service Spa. The utmost professionalism, great competence, a client-oriented approach, and an International level of experience are the strong points which...

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Nesite > raising your projects > Authentic “made in Italy”, Open to the world Nesite jealously conserves its “made in Italy” roots. This strong identity breathes throughout the conception, design and manufacturing of its products; at the same time Nesite is able to embrace influences and customisations coming from every country and culture thanks to its international approach. Through a logistical and product refining branch in the United Arab Emirates, Nesite is now able to serve a strategic market such as the southwest of Asia, an area traditionally with an eye for product excell

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Nesite > raising your projects Raised floor in extra clear glass Palazzo Vecchio Florence, Italy

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Nesite > raising your projects > The passion for the quality of details

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Nesite > raising your projects > Industrial in size, Artisan in the heart: How great customised projects are born Nesite is where the flexibility of an artisan company joins to the professionalism and potential of an industrial one. An enormous productive capacity combines with the detailed and handmade refinements. That means you will receive a bespoke raised floor, made to your exact specifications but with the lead times of an off-the-rack product.

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Nesite > raising your projects > Raised floors for every type of location The vast range of finishes and solutions make Nesite the most important company in the production of raised floors with prestigious coverings. Whatever the nature of the space where the floors will be laid, whether it is an antique or an ultra-modern building, Nesite’s raised floors always respect even the most sophisticated aesthetical need. Emblematic examples can be appreciated in some museums, theatres and historical buildings converted for different uses. Raised floor with top covering in stone La Cavallerizza...

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Nesite > raising your projects Raised floor > with natural wood top covering 60x120 cm

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Nesite > raising your projects 028 references 029

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Nesite > raising your projects Raised floor in extra clear glass Bonaparte Palace Rome, Italy

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Nesite > raising your projects Raised floor with top covering in marble Citco headquarter Verona, Italy

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Nesite > raising your projects Raised floor with top covering in wood-effect ceramic Geri HDP headquarter Rome, Italy

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Nesite > raising your projects Raised floor in extra-clear glass Archeological Museum Pordenone, Italy

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Nesite > raising your projects Raised floor with top covering in ceramic Porsche Center Athens, Greece

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Nesite > raising your projects green vision

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