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Neolith®, a Carbon Neutral Company Neolith®, una compañía Carbon Neutral Residential Interiors Interiores Residenciales What is Neolith? ¿Qué es Neolith? Bathrooms Baños New Series Nueva Serie Restaurant & Bar Interiors Interior Restaurantes y Bares Why Neolith is not ceramics? ¿Por qué Neolith no es cerámica? Hotels Interiors Hoteles Interiores Technical Features Características Técnicas Retail Interiors Espacios Comerciales Formats, Applications & Thicknesses Formatos, Aplicaciones y Espesores Offices Interiors Interiores Oficinas Finishes Acabados Fireplaces Chimeneas Certifications &...

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Neolith®, a Carbon Neutral Company The market-leading surfacing brand is now carbon neutral. By compensating its carbon footprint, Neolith® stopped releasing gate-to-gate CO2 emissions in 2019. One of the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials on the Market To attain the highly-prized carbon neutral status Neolith® followed the internationally recognized Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) and implemented a dynamic, innovationled sustainability strategy coupled with tactical, high value carbonoff-setting. These measures have led to carbon neutrality across the entire business,...

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Neolith®, una compañía Carbon Neutral La marca líder de superficies ahora es “carbon neutral”.En 2019, Neolith® mediante la compensación de huella de carbono, no generó emisiones de CO2 de puerta a puerta (gate-to-gate). Uno de los materiales más sostenibles y ecológicos del mercado Para alcanzar el codiciado reconocimiento de producto “carbon neutral”, Neolith® ha seguido el estándar GHG Protocol, reconocido internacionalmente; y ha puesto en marcha una estrategia de sostenibilidad, dinámica y orientada a la innovación, a la que se suma una compensación de las emisiones de carbono...

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“What would life be, without the courage of trying something new?” Vincent Van Gogh Neolith: the stone, the brand, the legend, the future. Founded in 2009, Neolith, the market-leading brand of Sintered Stone is a revolutionary product which has become a material of choice for architects, designers, specifiers and fabricators. This pioneering material can be specified for the most demanding interior and exterior building projects. Combining high-definition detailed decoration with high-performance qualities, Neolith offers the triple reassurance of strength, beauty and longevity. What is a...

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“¿Qué sería de la vida, si no tuviéramos el valor de intentar algo nuevo?” Vincent Van Gogh Neolith: la piedra, la marca, la leyenda, el futuro. Fundada en 2009, Neolith, la marca líder de Piedra Sinterizada, es un producto revolucionario que se ha convertido en un material de elección para arquitectos, diseñadores, especificadores y fabricantes. Este material pionero se puede especificar para los proyectos de construcción de interiores y exteriores más exigentes. Al combinar una decoración de alta definición con cualidades de alto rendimiento, Neolith ofrece la triple garantía de...

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ESSENTIALS have gained a renewed importance worldwide: health, safety and environmental awareness became key in everyone’s day to day life. Driven and inspired by Neolith®’s core values, the brand presents its 2021 series: Neolith® ESSENTIALS. Our planet current situation has made society more committed to the environment and concerned about exposure to biological agents such as bacteria, while developing a special sensitivity towards well-being, pureness and beauty. A paradigm shift where the selection of the materials we choose for our daily life becomes essential to live better. Whether...

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Why Neolith is not ceramics? ¿Por qué Neolith no es cerámica? The difference between Neolith and traditional ceramics can be easily registered by comparing each surfaces’ characteristics. Although traditional ceramics share some similar properties, none possess the performance qualities of Neolith, which combines stain, scratch, chemical and heat resistance in one single material. Furthermore, the raw minerals used in the production of Neolith are far finer and purer, guaranteeing a more uniform structure than found in traditional ceramics. The machinery used to process these raw materials...

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011 Technical Features Características Técnicas TECHNICAL FEATURES CARACTERÍSTICAS TÉCNICAS Quartz Cuarzo Laminates and Wood Laminados y madera Solid Surfaces Superficies sintéticas Natural Stones Piedras Naturales Steel Acero Hygienic / Higiénico Non porous / No poroso Suitable for use outdoors / Apto para su uso en exteriores Resistant to high temperatures / Resistente a las altas temperaturas Resistant to staining / Resistente a las manchas Resistant to detergents / Resistente a detergentes Resistance to chemicals / Resistente a los químicos Resistance to thermal shock / Resistente al...

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Formats, applications & thicknesses Formatos, aplicaciones y espesores Ventilated façade with exposed fixing system Fachada ventilada anclaje visto Ventilated façade with hidden fixing system Fachada ventilada anclaje oculto APPLICATIONS APLICACIONES Interior walls Revestimiento interior Interior floors Pavimento Interior Exterior walls Fachada aplacada exterior Exterior floors Pavimento exterior Worktops Encimeras Heavy transit floors Pavimento alto tránsito Interior flooring over existing floors Pavimento interior sobre material Furniture Mobiliario Recommended thicknesses Espesores...

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Neolith is the only brand of Sintered Stone which offers surfaces in four different thicknesses. Each has its own specific range of applications: Neolith es la única marca de piedra sinterizada que ofrece superficies en cuatro grosores diferentes. Cada uno tiene su propia gama específica de aplicaciones: 3mm_ interior cladding, furniture. 3mm_ revestimiento interior, muebles. 6mm_ indoor and outdoor flooring, exterior cladding, furniture. 6mm_ pavimentos int./ext., revestimientos exteriores, mobiliario. 12mm_ kitchen worktops, bathroom vanities, table tops. 12mm_ encimeras de cocina y de...

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