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NEMO_NEWS 2016 - 3

4 MAIS PLUS QUE CELAJE NE PEUX PAS Rudy Ricciotti Arihiro Miyake Charles Kalpakian Nemo Studio Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas Roberto Paoli Federico Palazzari

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NEMO_NEWS 2016 - 4


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NEMO_NEWS 2016 - 5

Indoor and outdoor floor and table lamp, raw material, treated with protection outdoor paint, for a warm and widespread lighting. Lampada da interno ed esterno, da terra e tavolo, in metallo grezzo, trattata con vernice di protezione per esterni, per un’illuminazione calda diffusa. Pour intérieur et extérieur, lampadaire et table, en métal brut, traité avec vernis de protection pour extérieurs, pour un éclairage chaud et diffus. Steh- und Tischleuchte für innen und außen aus rohem Metall, Schutzlack für den Einsatz im Freien, für eine diffuse warme Beleuchtung. Linear LED | direct/indirect...

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NEMO_NEWS 2016 - 6

“Mais plus que cela je ne peux pas” indoor version

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NEMO_NEWS 2016 - 7

Arihiro Miyake Kepler uplight, white finishing.

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NEMO_NEWS 2016 - 8

Kepler downlight, black finishing. NEXT PAGE: Kepler downlight, white finishing. Pendant lamp in epoxy-coated aluminium. Available in the uplight and downlight versions, in matt white or black, for a widespread and comfortable lighting. The endless line is made through a 3 dimensional deformation process of the extruded aluminium, designed with the arithmetic of the Moebius ribbons. Lampada a sospensione in alluminio verniciata a polvere. Disponibile nelle versioni up e down in bianco o nero opaco per un’illuminazione diffusa e confortevole. La linea continua è realizzata attraverso un...

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NEMO_NEWS 2016 - 10

The Projecteur IP54, available in wall/ceiling and pendant version, was designed by Le Corbusier for the Chandigarh High Court, India, in 1954. Aluminium body painted in night blue, white sand or moka. Diffuser glass curved and sandblasted in the inner part. Painted body, base and canopies. Screws and small metal parts black chromed. Il Projecteur IP54, disponibile nelle versioni parete/soffitto e sospensione, è stato disegnato da Le Corbusier per illuminare l’Alta Corte di Chandigarh, India, nel 1954. Il corpo della lampada è in alluminio verniciato blu notte, bianco sabbia o moka. Il...

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NEMO_NEWS 2016 - 11

Charles Kalpakian 3Tubes white and white/copper finishing. Aluminium pendant lamp for a warm diffused illumination on the surface. Diffusers in opal polycarbonate. Available in white or white and anodized copper finish. Lampada a sospensione in alluminio per un’illuminazione omogenea, calda e diffusa sul piano. Diffusori in policarbonato opaco. Disponibile nella finitura bianca o bianca e rame anodizzato. Suspension en aluminium pour un éclairage homogène, chaud et diffuse sur le plan. Diffuseurs en polycarbonate opale. Disponible en blanc ou blanc/cuivre anodisé Pendelleuchte in Aluminium...

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NEMO_NEWS 2016 - 13

Concrete outdoor and indoor floor and table lamp, conceived for the Unité d’habitation de Marseille and for Bhakra Dam, Sukhna Dam in India in 1952. Lampada da terra e da tavolo in cemento, disponibile per interno ed esterno, realizzata per il progetto Unité d’Habitation de Marseille e per Bhakra Dam, Sukhna Dam in India nel 1952. Lampe au sol et table en ciment, disponible pour intérieur et extérieur, réalisée pour le Projet Unité d’Habitation de Marseille et pour Bhakra Dam, Sukhna Dam en Inde en 1952. Steh- und Tischleuchte aus Zement, lieferbar in den Versionen In- und Outdoor. Diese...

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NEMO_NEWS 2016 - 14

Borne Béton Petite indoor.

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NEMO_NEWS 2016 - 15

LINESCAPES SYSTEM Nemo Studio Linescapes is a modular system that is changing completely the approach to highly performance diffused direct and indirect lighting. The singular modules are connected by quick moulded ABS connectors, which enable rapid jack installation and a 360° rotation. The different elements allow the composition of continuous lines and edges, with a luminous efficiency and an excellent diffusion degree, through an opaline diffuser in polycarbonate. The system has been studied to provide user friendly maintenance. Nemo has solved in an efficient way the problem of...

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NEMO_NEWS 2016 - 16

Down vertical angle and up vertical angle. Horizontal angle. POWER SUPPLIES VERTICAL START 106 cm Linear LED | diffused orientable | 24W typ cri 80 | CCT 3000K | 2400lm | 24V DC LSS LN2 511 black Linear LED | diffused orientable | 7W typ cri 80 | CCT 3000K | 700lm | 24 VDC LSS LW4 511 white note: additional drivers available on the basis of a specific project. DOWN VERT. ANGLE 10 CEILNG PLATE for recessed ceiling application HORIZONTAL ANGLE LSS AN3 511 black DOWN VERTICAL ANGLE LSS AN2 511 black CENTRAL SUPPLY CENTRAL SUPPlY HORIZIONTAL START Linear LED | diffused orientable | 12W typ cri...

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NEMO_NEWS 2016 - 18

Doriana e Massimiliano Fuksas Adjustable wall lamp with moulded diffuser in semi-transparent polycarbonate, for a widespread lighting. Stem in black painted aluminium, ABS wall plate. Lampada orientabile da parete con diffusore stampato in policarbonato semi-trasparente, per un’illuminazione diffusa. Stelo in alluminio verniciato nero, staffa a parete in ABS. Applique orientable avec diffuseur moulé en polycarbonate semi-transparent, pour un éclairage diffus. Structure en aluminium vernis noir, patère en ABS. Verstellbare Wandleuchte , Diffusor aus halbdurchsichtigem Polykarbonat für eine...

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NEMO_NEWS 2016 - 19

Roberto Paoli Tru Pendant, up+downlight, black finishing.

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NEMO_NEWS 2016 - 20

Horizontal and vertical pendant lamp with double linear LED source. Body in extruded aluminium. Heads in polymeric material, with diffusers in opal metacrylate. Structure painted in matt white or black. Horizontal version available with uplight and downlight flood, or total up and total down. Dimmable. Lampada a sospensione orizzontale e verticale con doppia sorgente lineare LED. Corpo in alluminio estruso, testate realizzate in materiale polimerico con diffusori in metacrilato opalino. La struttura è verniciata bianco opaco o nero. Versione orizzontale disponibile nella versione con luce...

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