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JEAN NOUVEL & THE MASTERS the object that they would like to have in their home, among the others that were chosen before. The origin isn’t very important… but the style is! What do you think makes the design of these lamps timeless? These lamps are in no way timeless... Fortunately! They are sensitive testimonies of modern times. What makes them modern is the freedom with which the intimate space is created, with contrasts, emotions, surprises and this relevance that makes us say: this is where they belong! JEAN NOUVEL, ARCHITECT ► What is your perception of the research and design work of...

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FONDATION LE CORBUSIER ► « An electric lamp is now a common object; so, why these half measures, instead of a bulb only, with a simple lampshade of thin and opal glass, that will give the impression of naturalness and simplicity. » Tanizaki Junichirô In Praise of Shadows MICHEL RICHARD, FONDATION LE CORBUSIER, DIRECTOR (from 2004 to 2017) In the Maison La Roche, designed in 1925 in Auteuil, Le Corbusier, toughens Tanizaki’s proposal, aligning three simple bulbs, fixed to the ceiling with tubes of the collector’s dining-room. He then used the same principal to punctuate the photographic...

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lampadine nude, all’estremità di un’asta o su applique formate da un tubolare a L molto corto e collocate negli angoli. Sulle scale, la passeggiata architettonica è guidata dalle lampade da parete Chalier, un ready-made adattato con dei neon; gli spazi riservati al riposo ed alla lettura sono illuminati semplicemente da lampade appoggiate su dei tavoli. Solo la grande lampada disegnata nel 1928 costituisce una vera creazione che struttura il grande volume dello spazio espositivo, valorizzando dolcemente i dipinti cubisti e puristi, proteggendoli dalla luce del sole che si leva sul muro di...

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► Arthur Ruegg / architect ► Le Corbusier considered the simple bulb of La Roche lamp as the perfect result of an industrial process, of an evolution during which common object becomes a perfect tool, worthy to be shown as it is. After the second world war, he added to these "type-objects” a complete series of lamps that, designed by him and identified as the "synthesis of major Arts” becomes fundamental part of a masterpiece, sculpture-lamps that go far beyond their simple function. ► Le Corbusier considerait l’ampoule nue de l’applique La Roche comme le re-sultat parfait d’un processus...

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Marseille, Unité d’habitation. ► Pierluigi Nicolin / architect LAMPE DE MARSEILLE Le Corbusier, 1949-52 on this page Apartment interior at Unité d’Habitation de Marseille. Original sketch ©FLC/ADAGP. opposite page Lampe de Marseille produced by nemo. ► After having revolutionised the way to absorb natural light in the architecture of the 1920s and 1930s with the fenêtre en longueur (ribbon window) and the invention of the famous solar shading of the brisesoleil (sunscreen), Le Corbusier designed some lighting fixtures immediately after the war. These famous projects, the ones of the 1940s...

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L PARLIAMENT Le Corbusier, 1963 on this page Parliament yellow/black, produced by NEMO. opposite page Le Corbusier at his Paris rue N.C. apartment © ph. Robert Doisneau - FLC/ADAGP. Applique de Marseille produced by nemo. «Espace, lumiere et ordre. Ce sont les choses dont l’homme a besoin, au meme titre que le pain et une place pour dormir»

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«Les lampes de Le Corbusier et Charlotte Perriand furent conçues pour des projets d’architecture innovants et radicalement modernes, mais leurs qualités intrinsèques sont évidentes, indépendamment de leur environnement. Elles suggèrent aujourd’hui un design intemporel qui les rend simples, iconiques, et toujours authentiques.» ► Federico Palazzari / ceo, nemo PROJECTEUR 365 Le Corbusier, 1954 on this page Original sketch ©FLC/ADAGP. Floor version produced by nemo. opposite page Projecteur on pole at the High Court of Chandigarh, India © ph. A.J. Talati

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ARCHIVE DIVING ► Valentina Folli / nemo CHARLOTTE PERRIAND 01 Maison La Roche, Paris. © ph. Olivier Martin-Gambier FLC/ADAGP 09 1928, apartment-studio, Place SaintSulpice, Paris. ©AChP/ADAGP 02 Villa le Lac, Switzerland. © ph. Olivier Martin-Gambier FLC/ADAGP 03 Pavillon Esprit Nouveau, 1925, Paris. ©FLC/ADAGP 04 Le Corbusier in Marseille, 1949 ©FLC/ADAGP 05 Le Corbusier at Cabanon, Roquebrune-Cap Martin, France © ph. Willy Boesiger FLC/ADAGP. 06 1952 - Lampe en béton / Chandigarh, India© ph. Dominique Darr - FLC/ ADAGP 07 © ph. Olivier Martin-Gambier ©FLC/ADAGP 08 Apartment Rue N.C., Paris...

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1927 Corner Cascade Lampe 1916-22 Villa Schwob lampes 1977 Applique à volet Pivotant Plié 1938-39 Applique de Marseille [LC VII] 1930-38 Appliques Cylindriques 1949-52 Lampe de Marseille [LC VI] 1925 Villa La Roche lampes 1938 Potence Pivotante 1936 Luminaire Ministère de l'Agriculture Paris POTENCE PIVOTANTE standard / mini 1952 Borne Béton [LC IV] BORNE BÉTON grande / petite indoor / outdoor 1966 Luminaire Ambassade du Japon 1962 Applique à volet Pivotant 1957 Lampe de lecture [LC V] LAMPE DE MARSEILLE standard / mini 1952-59 Maison du Brésil lampes 1952 Cabanon Lampe à Poser 1949-52...

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ARCHIVES CHARLOTTE PERRIAND PERNETTE PERRIAND-BARSAC, JACQUES BARSAC, ARCHIVES CHARLOTTE PERRIAND ► Editing Charlotte Perriand lightings with nemo means let past creations live again in the modern world, to make them accessible to a large number of people. It means to demonstrate that “correct” works, created 50 or 70 years ago, still respond to modern needs. Most of the avant-garde people, as Charlotte Perriand, always wanted to reach the masses but at the time they did not succeed. Thanks to nemo, what was impossible in the past, today it is realized. It is always a great satisfaction for...

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