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THE ACCENT 2019 - 3

EVERY DAY NEMO BRINGS IDEAS INTO LIGHT AND LIGHTING PROJECTS INTO EXPRESSIVE CREATIONS. A CONTINUOUS JOURNEY OF DESIGN INNOVATION. THE ACCENT Appliques Cylindriques Bird Crown Royal Ellisse Fix Kepler Linescapes System La Roche Neo Newton Nuvola Olympia On Lines Panama Mini battery Parliament Titia Tru Tubes Untitled

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THE ACCENT 2019 - 4

BIRDBernhard Osann “The lamp was born from the bold attempt to overcome the laws of nature. It almost seems as if this succeeded. It balances at the limits of the impossible, like a bird. While the vertical element keeps the balance, the horizontal element emits the light”. Table LED lamp in extruded aluminium with T-shaped support in polymer filled with glass fibers. Composed of a protruding matt black painted arm where the light source is located and a vertical brass counterweight. The lamp placed freely on the edge of a surface, oscillates and moves but always returns to the horizontal...

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THE ACCENT 2019 - 5

Andrea Branzi “A first Newton prototype was made in 2002, as a tribute to the discoverer of the gravity field, an apple reflects the light that passes through the diffuser disk. After seventeen years the lamp is now put back into production with Nemo. It is not the first time that my projects are appreciated after many years”. Andrea Branzi Floor LED lamp available in chrome metal structure or glossy black lacquered structure with white painted aluminium diffuser. The diffuser rotates and illuminates the natural element, in a mixture of direct and diffused light. Characterized by a playful...

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THE ACCENT 2019 - 6

Bernhard Osann “I was inspired by the sculptural and kinetic aesthetics of articulated arms. Radical simplification brings these aesthetics into focus. As the joints work without visible wires or rope hoists the Untitled is reduced to a few precise lines. The result is a graphically appearing, timeless desk lamp, characterized by its flexibility”. Bernhard Osann Table LED lamp in extruded matt black painted aluminium with joints for flexible and dynamic positioning of the light. Available in the version with the linear lighting unit in polymer filled with glass fibers that rotates on itself...

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THE ACCENT 2019 - 7

“A simple and precise game. A game of coloured surfaces. On a bright line, everybody images his own skyline and his coloured lights. Blurry, contrasting, pure, rhythm, cold, warm, erotic... Everyone gets lost depending on situations and desires...” Table LED lamp with aluminium base and methacrylate diffusers. The base is equipped with tracks to freely position the different diffusers to create infinite configurations of light and transparency. Available in two versions, white painted base and colored diffusers and black painted base with neutral and one red diffusers. Dimmable with touch...

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THE ACCENT 2019 - 8

“If you include the conditions of a room in the design of a floor lamp, you see completely new possibilities: the luminaire can lean against the wall, it does not need a base. At the same time the wall can be used to create pleasant, indirect light. Designing Neo I sought the perfect shape for this interaction”. Bernhard Osann Led floor lamp version resting on the wall, curved steel structure and lighting unit in matt black painted aluminium. Terminal lighting unit rotates on itself for indirect light. Pedal dimming.

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THE ACCENT 2019 - 9

TITIAArihiro Miyake “Titia is a vortex of suspended lights. Why Titia? When I close my eyes thinking of Titia, I see a smiling, happy and free girl whose name is Titia”. Suspension LED lamp composed of three identical injection-molded modules in thermoplastic polymer and equipped with quick couplings for a practical and quick assembly. With a delicate silhouette, it is available in two matt white and black finishes. Miniaturized and integrated dimmable LED system for excellent luminous efficiency. Dimmable 1-10V. Arihiro Miyake

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THE ACCENT 2019 - 10

APPLIQUES CYLINDRIQUES “… after all, design is about responding to the gestures of the human being. Then there is a side even beyond this, which has to do with a sort of harmony with oneself, with one’s environment; this kind of awareness affects everything”. Modular LED wall lamp in metal with a cylindrical pivoting shade painted in light blue. Perriand’s interest in pivoting screens reflects her observation on human gestures: a simple touch allows to control and direct the lighting beam. Nemo’s special editions for the “Maison au Bord de l’Eau”- Miami, 2013 © ph. S. Muratet - Louis

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THE ACCENT 2019 - 11

TUBESCharles Kalpakian “Suspended without gravity, enlightened with technology”.Charles Kalpakian Family of pendant, wall and ceiling lamps, with elements in extruded aluminium. Opal polycarbonate diffusers, for a warm and ambient lighting. Adjustable elements in the wall versions. Available also with dimmer push on the body of the lamp for the Wall 2 version. Ceiling version with a 340° rotation for the ceiling fixed element while the other element is adjustable by 90°.

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THE ACCENT 2019 - 12

Linescapes is a modular system that is completely changing the approach to high performance diffused direct and indirect lighting. The singular modules are connected by quick moulded ABS connectors, which enable rapid jack installation and a 360° rotation. The different elements allow the composition of continuous lines and edges, with a luminous efficiency and an excellent diffusion degree, through an opaline diffuser in polycarbonate. The system has been studied to provide user friendly maintenance. Nemo has efficiently solved the problem of replacing LED built-in sources, whereby the...

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THE ACCENT 2019 - 13

“Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep”. Born from an existing system to illuminate shop windows, the first wall lamp conceived by Le Corbusier for his purist architectures: Villa La Roche and the Pavillon de l’Esprit Nouveau. Matt grey metal, LED lighting source with a glass diffuser shaped on the original incandescent bulb. Nemo re-edited it, bringing it back to its original proportions, lightness, and function, dimmable triac. Villa La Roche, Paris - Le Corbusier, 1925 © ph. Olivier Martin-Gambier - FLC/A

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