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GRASS PAVERS Brewer High School Tufftrack™ Installation

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Tufftrack - 2

Fire lanes ufftrack™ Grass Pavers are designed to provide architects, landscape designers and planners with an alternative paving solution to concrete, asphalt or similar surfaces. The final area looks identical to regular turf, but can support heavy vehicles, such as a firetruck. By using Tufftrack you can take any given area that would normally require pavement and cover it with natural grass. It will still retain the strengh and durability of pavement. Many of our pavement installations are over 10 years old and are stronger now than immediately after installation. Over time, many sites...

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Tufftrack - 3

Las Vegas Strip project before (Top) and after (Bottom) UCLA Campus, California before (top) and after (bottom) Sonoma High School, California TechService@ndspro.com

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Tufftrack - 4

Technical Support Tufftrack can be easily installed by contractors or homeowners. Experienced manufacturing professionals from NDS support the product in a variety of situations. NDS will help answer all questions about the installation or maintenance of Tufftrack, leading to the best results in grass paver solutions. TuffTrack Specs F: Center hole diameter VA" Open surface area per cell 44% Compressive strength 98,770 PSF bare Compressive strength 685 PSI bare Number of tabs per panel 26 Area covered per panel 4 sq. ft. NDS utilizes a network of sales representatives and distributors to...

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