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‘’Home is where the heart is. It is a sanctuary for feelings, affection and intimacy. A place to return to, a safe harbour, a comfortable nest for ourselves and our family. I have dedicated my life to the home and its central role, pursuing an ideal of harmony that over the years has defined the Natuzzi style around the world: an environment where every element, shape and colour expresses beauty in itself and is perfectly in tune with all that surrounds it. This idea has inspired every one of our models, at every point in their creation: from the sketches made in the Style Centre to the...

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The land we come from is our first home. Italy - and in particular our region, Apulia - is the source of inspiration that has always guided our choices and our success throughout the world. The colours of the sun and the olive trees, the hospitality and warmth of the people, the value of ancient traditions: these are the roots of our story and the foundations of our Italian heritage. A heritage that is authentically “Made in Italy”, which can be seen in our actions and our commitment to our customers: certified quality, direct control over the entire production chain and a code of ethics...

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“Each model comes from our Style Centre, the group’s creative heart. The search for harmony is our mission and inspires every move we make. A team of over 100 architects, designers, colourists and interior decorators work within the Natuzzi Style Centre. Every sofa, lamp, piece of furniture and accessory begins here. First come the shapes, the sizes and the proportions, then the colours and materials, selected only after carefully studying the latest trends in fashion, design and customers’ needs.

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“ The mostisemotional idea moment when the takes shape and what we had imagined finally unfolds before our eyes. It is the moment of truth in the prototypes area. This is where skilled craftspeople transform ideas into reality. Expert hands work the wood, shape the padding, cut the leather, sew the fabrics. The prototype is ready for those indispensable further refinements before the item goes into production.

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“In manufacturing, we never forego the expert attention of our technicians, who identify the most advantageous process for our customers. The engineering stage makes it possible to produce the selected models on an industrial scale. Only with sensitivity and experience can the ideal production process for every individual prototype be developed, while maintaining the highest quality standards and attention to detail for each model.

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The “is notsearch for beauty just an aesthetic choice, but also a promise of quality - that’s why our materials are rigorously tested, free of toxins and environmentally friendly. Leather, wood, fabric, padding: all the materials used must pass the strictest international compliance tests. Natuzzi leather, for example, is subjected to 23 different processes in the group’s tannery. Wood comes from areas that have reforestation programs and padding is always goose feathers - hypoallergenic and never recycled - or freonfree ecoflex polyurethane. This is why the Natuzzi Group has been awarded...

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Italy’ means “ ‘Made in control over having direct every stage of production. Our manufacturing is authentically Made in Italy, thanks to the passion of our craftspeople in the group’s Italian factories. The entire production chain is under the direct control of the Natuzzi Group. Design, leather tanning, assembly, selection of wood and fabrics, padding production: the whole process occurs entirely within the group’s plants. And the group controls 92% of the raw materials and semi-finished products. Clear commitments protect the quality of Natuzzi’s creations while guaranteeing respect for...

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believe is “ Imost bestthat qualitywethe response can give our customers. That is why every single part of every single creation is inspected before it leaves our factories. Every last detail of every sofa, armchair, piece of furniture or accessory is inspected and checked by quality control technicians. Cushions, feet, upholstery, stitching and inner workings must all pass careful examination by skilled specialists. Only after this meticulous inspection are Natuzzi products ready to enter people’s homes around the wor

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“ High-tech functions, multi-sensory comfort: our passion for what we do has always been demonstrated by our incredible ability to innovate. In design, materials and functions. Innovation is a dynamic concept that the group applies to technology, but also to lifestyles in the home: products such as audio sofas or soft touch mechanisms are just a few examples of this ability to evolve and anticipate customers’ needs. That’s why the Natuzzi Group has become a global leader in furnish

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“Our exclusive stores are a laboratory for beauty and a calling card for everything we do. Our sales points are not just about selling, they are about transforming every home into somewhere unique and special. A widespread network of stores and showrooms allows Natuzzi creations to enter a home in any part of the world and make it unique. Designs can be personalized to a high degree, thanks to the professional skills of decorators and personal consultants and the technologically advanced tools available to them. First and foremost, Your Design by Natuzzi, the exclusive 3D planner that makes...

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Saturno dining table. Vesta dining chair in leather designed by Claudio Bellini. Belly vase and Omar vase.

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Photo in the previous page: Tempo three seater sofa in leather. Tempo central table. Tempo coffee table. Museo rug. Onda floor lamp. Fortuna sideboard designed by Claudio Bellini.

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Tempo three seater sofa with large chaise longue in leather. Anteprima armchair. Onda floor lamp. Rossellini rug. Tempo central table.

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Regular lenght Small lenght Medium lenght Large lenght Extra Large lenght Eros extandable consolle. Pigreco dining chair.

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