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NARBUTAS Product Catalogue - 2

From one computer desk to Europe‘s fastest-growing furniture company Our story began in 1991. We set out on a mission to make quality and modern workspaces available to more people. From a single product – a desk for a computer in 1991, our range grew to offer everything you need to furnish a modern office. All of the energy we use to create our ergonomic and long-lasting products is sustainable: solar, wind, and water-powered. GUARANTEE 5 year for the standard furniture, chairs and TWIST&SIT lounge seating system 3 year for the lounge seating and electric part of the desk system ONE 2 year...

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NARBUTAS Product Catalogue - 3

DESKS & TABLES ACOUSTIC SOLUTIONS LOUNGE & SOFT FURNITURE EXECUTIVE FURNITURE RECEPTION FURNITURE FROM CONCEPT TO FULL EXECUTION I also found out that, just like me, our customers like functional CUSTOM-MADE PRODUCTS and good quality products and are not willing to pay for what they do not need. That is why we design and manufacture functional, high-quality, attractive yet simple things. Our design motto is: Nothing unnecessary.” Petras Narbutas, company founder and owner

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NARBUTAS Product Catalogue - 4

Concept & Design Set-up & Consulting Custom-made solutions In-house design team The continuous modernization and automation of NARBUTAS furniture factory in Lithuania ensure a reliable production process and the highest quality of furniture produced, both standard and custom-made. We offer various solutions aimed at making the whole process, from choosing your furniture to setting it up as quick and simple as possible. There is no office culture that works in the same way, there is no team that has the same needs. This is why we specialize in custom-made office furniture that attends to...

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NARBUTAS Product Catalogue - 5

DESIGNERS Baldanzi & Novelli Designers The extraordinary thing I have discovered in Lithuania is the desire to create things. While working together hand in hand our two cultures mix and complement each other resulting in a third element - an energy that cannot be found elsewhere. “ Baldanzi & Novelli's collaboration with Narbutas began in 2013 with mutual interest. Narbutas were interested in Baldanzi & Novelli's more than 30 years of experience, great design culture, originality, and familiarity with cutting-edge technology, while the designers were attracted to the company's clear-cut...

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NARBUTAS Product Catalogue - 6

Gediminas Juska MOVE EXECUTIVE FURNITURE > 270 AIR I associate Narbutas with professionalism, solidity, and consistency. The company's products stand for high quality and a modern, elegant design. “ Gediminas Juska began working with Narbutas in 2000, soon after completing his architecture degree at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Since then his creations for the company have won the Grand Prix at the Furniture 2001 Fair, the Main Prize of Good Design 2012, and other prizes at national and international events. Juska has always specialized in office furniture and interiors, and his...

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SIT-STAND DESKS SIT-STAND DESKS An easy way to stay active at work! ACTIVE desking system can be best described in two words: functionality and quality. Easy to customize The desk height can be adjusted by pressing a selected button: a memory position button with a display, or up and down controls, Feet design Choose from three types of metal feet, All the designs look minimalist, light and with different elegant accents,

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NARBUTAS Product Catalogue - 11

SIT-STAND DESKS SIT-STAND DESKS Anti-collision feature Both the 2- level and 3-level feet sensor will automatically stop the desk’s movement if it senses an obstacle in its path. The anti-collision feature reduces the likelihood of damage should the desk collide with a hard object.

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NARBUTAS Product Catalogue - 12

SIT-STAND DESKS MOTION Makes you move forward! The system is available as single desks or bench desks designed for a flexible arrangement of workstations as well as for individual or group work. SIT-STAND DESKS MOTION MOTION

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NARBUTAS Product Catalogue - 13

SIT-STAND DESKS SIT-STAND DESKS A fixed-height acoustic desk screen MODUS designed for bench desks will ensure acoustic comfort and help your employees maintain concentration. Furthermore, the double-sided acoustic desk screens allow you to create colourful combinations. MOTION desks offer a choice of two different leg designs. H-shaped metal legs provide a more generous space for movement and storage. Those who desire more privacy can choose a desk with panel legs which visually cover up the space under the desk and add an aesthetic look to it.

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NARBUTAS Product Catalogue - 15

EASY Stability SIT-STAND DESKS Two-desk benches are an excellent solution for combining workstations. The shared leg of the sit-stand desks provide maximum stability of the joined desks. Makes it easy be productive! Easy to choose, easy to use, and easy to stay productive for a longer period of time.

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NARBUTAS Product Catalogue - 17

SIT-STAND DESKS ONE Ideal for any office ONE sit-stand desks are ideal for any office space thanks to their design and great value for money that they offer. SIT-STAND DESKS

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NARBUTAS Product Catalogue - 18

NOVA CONFERENCE & HIGH OCCASIONAL MEETING TABLES TABLES TABLES A touch of nature in your office! NOVA Wood is a desking system that adds a delicate sense of luxury to your office and bungs you closer to nature and borne atmosphere1 NOVA Wood NOVA Wood

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NARBUTAS Product Catalogue - 19

Every table is unique DESKS You can adapt bench desks consisting of two desks to your office dynamics by using suplementary partitions which allow you to easily increase the number of worklplaces. Wood texture and wide growth rings create a distinctive pattern. Stained and lacquered wood reveals the pattern even more. Natural wood tends to change its colour over time. NOVA Wood NOVA Wood

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NARBUTAS Product Catalogue - 21

CONFERENCE & MEETING TABLES Regular U-shaped legs is a universal design solution. Modern classic Even the name itself derived from the Latin word meaning something “new”. If you change the desktop texture or leg colour, you will be able to create a whole new desk. EXECUTIVE FURNITURE A A-shaped legs are sure to add subtle look and elegance to NOVA A desks. O-shape desk legs are unique in that you can additionally order a special divider designed for two-seat and four-seat desks. H Height adjustable feet allow you to easily change the desk height from 620 mm to 850 mm.

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