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The Mullan story is indeed one of rejuvenation. Based in a very remote area on the border with Northern Ireland, Mullan village (meaning “The Mill”) was a bustling rural centre with over 80 people employed in the Border brand shoe factory until it closed in the 1970’s. Mullan shoe factory along with the local village of 18 workers’ houses soon fell into disrepair and lay abandoned for almost 25 years. In 2008 Mullan Lighting was established in the old shoe factory and quickly brought life back to the factory building with some of the Mullan team moving into the newly restored houses in the village. After 4 years in business, Mullan expanded their operations as they took over another abandoned factory in the UK just a few miles from Mullan village in County Tyrone. Mullan Lighting now have an ever expanding team of designers and crafts people creating beautiful pieces for a range of discerning customers. We currently export to all corners of the globe, having Guinness, Google, Costa Coee, Jamie Oliver and the Royal Family amongst an extensive list of high prole clients who have enjoyed Mullan Lightings designs. An Architect by trade, Design Director Mike Treanor has a keen eye for beautiful design. Having travelled the globe for almost a year before nally establishing Mullan Lighting Design in 2008, Mike draws inspiration from many international styles. Here he brings his many inuences from design in travel to life in the form of beautifully hand crafted luminaires for the world to enjoy. A mix of clean lines, along with vintage character and a dash of worldly colour make Mullan Lightings style both fun and ultimately Timeless! Mullan Lighting Design Team

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*H PRESS PACK DETAILS Ue are very pleased you have taken the time to request and review our Press Pack / Media Kit- Enclosed you will find: PR & Company Contact Details Company Biography - The Nullan Story Company Stats & Facts Product Catalogue Product Images & Lifestyle Photos on USB Relevant Business Cards Nullan Lightingns PR team will be present at all Trade Shows and will be happy to meet with you discuss any queries you may have- PRESS RELATIONS - EDEL MC CARRON | MARKETING DIRECTOR DESIGN CONTACT - MIKE TREANOR | DESIGN DIRECTOR WEBSITE - UUU.nULLANLIGHTING.COM PRODUCT IMAGES |...

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THE COLLECTION Illuminate interiors in the most attering light with this collection of timeless lighting designs. Each light is individually hand crafted, every piece being hand nished and painted, making all our lights individual and unique. Our range varies from vintage luminaires to timeless classics. Simple and elegant, they will immediately harmonise with your interior scheme and highlight your chosen area of focus. Within this collection we oer ve types of lights - Pendant, Chandelier, Wall, Flush Mounted and Table Lamps. Most of our designs also benet from having a complimentary...

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