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Signy® - 1

Excellent watertightness, large economical format, very slim nose Large Interlocking Flat Appareance Tile MORE POWER TO YOUR ROOF

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Signy® - 2

3 Excellent watertightness : Monier guarantees that Signy® tiles can be laid on lower slopes than those recommended by the DTU. 3 Large economical format : the Signy® tile has a very high coverage rate. 3 Aesthetic : the Signy® tile has a very thin nose for a stylish and harmonious appearance on the roof. technical cHaracteristiCS prescription recommendation Type Large interlocking flat appearance clay tile Number of tiles per m2 9,7 to 11,9 Unit weight ≈ 4,9 kg Weight per m2 47,5 to 58,3 kg Overall length ≈ 48 cm Overall width ≈ 32,6 cm ≈ 28 cm Linear cover Theorical gauge de 30 à 37 cm...

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Signy® - 3

The Signy® verge accessories provide three verge finishing options • Cloaked verge. • Verge tile and half verge tile. • Starter tile and half starter tile. Broken joints can be created by using half-tile, half verge tile or half starter tile. _aying with verge tile and half-tile _ayingwith left starter tile 8 Laying with cloaked verge _aying with half verge tile and half-tile | Dimensions in cm - ic : linear cover _aying with left starter tile Haif-tiie Half left Left Right Left Half Half Right ^ Left starter tile starter tile verge tile verge tile right verge tile left verge tile cloaked...

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Signy® - 4

MINIMUM PITCH TABLE IN % D Monier guarantees the Signy® tiles on pitches of up to 5% lower than those recommended below by the DTU. Minimum acceptable pitches in % (no underlay) Zones Zone I Zone II Zone III Sites Sheltered 45 Normal 50 Exposed 65 Sheltered 40 Normal 45 Exposed 55 These data are applicable to slopes whose horizontal projection does not exceed 12 m. Building code recommendations. minimum slope zone Ventilated eaves batten without comb France is divided into 3 zones where minimum slope calculations apply (in conjunction with wind-rain) Note : If in doubt regarding which zone...

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