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CANAL MIDI & POSIFIX® MIDI The roman tile of choice with unmatched qualities Roman tile MORE POWER TO YOUR ROOF

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Canal Midi - 2

Canal Midi & Posifix® Midi 3 Posifix® with nibs (base 11 cm) 3 Wide seat (stability) 3 Clear and soft contours 3 “Pressed” tile technical cHaracteristiCS prescription recommendation Type Canal clay tile Number of tiles per m2 CANAL MIDI as over-tile : 10,5 à 12,9* POSIFIX® MIDI or CANAL MIDI as under-tile : 10,5 à 12,9 Unit weight CANAL MIDI : ≈ 2,6 kg POSIFIX® MIDI : ≈ 2,5 kg Weight per m2 CANAL MIDI as over-tile : 27,3 à 33,5 kg* Overall length ≈ 50 cm Overall width ≈ 21,5 cm Linear cover 26,5 to 23,5 cm (5 to 2 cm spacing) Variable gauge 36 to 33 cm (14 to 17 cm minimum overlap) Linear...

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Canal Midi - 3

the main features vERGes CANAL MIDI CANAL MIDI The tiles are laid with the tile of the course above overlapping the course below, according to the values of table 1 and with a lateral spacing of 2 to 5 cm between the tiles at their widest section. POSIFIX® MIDI POSIFIX® MIDI The tail of the over-tile comes to rest on the tail of the under-tile of the course above. CANAL MIDI Roman tile fastening hanger Hook with short bended eye Hook with straight eye simple neck Hook with large bended eye Hook with straight eye double neck Hip / Ridge Monier recommends a dry fix, using a ventilated...

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Canal Midi - 4

MINIMUM PITCH TABLE IN % Minimum acceptable pitches and overlap in % I Zones Sites Indented eaves The dimension DE mentionned by Monier is given as an example. This dimension will vary according to several parameters : cant height, gauge, roof pitch and overhang d, and may be adjusted to achieve the required overlap. The interlocking part (water flow) must to be taken into account when defining dimensions DE and d. LR Sheltered Normal Exposed These data are applicable to slopes whose horizontal projection does not exceed 12 m. minimum slope zone France is divided into 3 zones where minimum...

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