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Kedua - 3

Like cracks in the desert, KEDUA combines a variety of shapes and marks which are blended to give the piece a unique identity. By digging up and reinterpreting the past, a fresh, contemporary classicism emerges from the earth as the water did in Kedua. Between fun and seriousness, the shapes are intertwined to regain balance.

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Kedua - 5

KEDUA Design by Santiago Sevillano In the north of the Suez Canal, on the Mediterranean Coast, there is an archaeological site called Tell Kedua. As the story goes, this is where Moses parted the sea more than 3,000 years ago so that the people could flee to the other side. A long, broad path between huge walls of water, the profile of which we have used as a reference for the formal development of the Kedua chair, an aspect we have confirmed by giving the model the same name as the place. The opening of its arms is a subtle and elegant invitation to sit down and be part of it, so that we...

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Kedua - 10

« There are always flowers for those who want to see them » - Henri Matisse -

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Kedua - 12

KEDUA Chair: EP-2466F · BEL-321 / ESLA Table: EP-2463F · AC-673

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Kedua - 18

« The various parts are not only beautiful in themselves, but in their relationship to other parts » - G.L. Bernini -

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Kedua - 24

KEDUA Chair: EP-2458F · MYS-252 / ESLA Table: EP-2463F · TC-604

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Kedua - 32

KEDUA Chair: RO-571 · BEL-300 / ESLA Table: EP-2463F · AC-673

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Kedua - 34

« What great insomnia if I stay awake on your body » - Mario Benedetti -

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Kedua - 42

Art Direction / Sergio Rochas Graphic Design / Sergio Rochas Photos / angelsegurafoto Thanks to: Aromas del campo Copyright / Mobliberica © 2016

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