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information medium supports d’information informationsmedien

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Practical advertising mediums of modern shape suitable for various information. Common information board or large showcase, which can be illuminated. Now extensively technically innovated, with improved operational features and increased reliability. Excellent resistance to vandalism and adverse weather conditions. Steel structure treated with zinc coating and powder coating, tempered glass. Des supports pratiques de forme moderne peuvent afficher des informations diverses. Un caisson d’affichage classique ou des caissons de grande surface qui peuvent aussi être illuminés. Ils répondent à...

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254 255 c-light IF with light  /  avec éclairage  /  mit Beleuchtung backlight /  rétroéclairé  /  von hinten beleuchtet one-sided  /  unilatéral  /  einseitig two-sided /  bilatéral  /  doppelseitig for wall attachment  /  pour installation murale  / Befestigung an der Wand without cover  /  sans toiture / ohne Vordach IF110  /   120  /  130 One-sided information showcase (900 x 700 mm) Caisson d’affichage unilatéral Einseitiger Schaukasten steel structure, tempered glass structure en acier, verre trempé Stahlkonstruktion, Einscheibensicherheitsglas One-sided information showcase...

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information medium - 5

c-light The modern, fully-equipped advertising mediums of standard size, in combination with galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminium, bring the unmistakable effect of illuminated information to urban areas. Now they are extensively and technically innovated, with improved operational features and increased reliability. Steel structure treated with zinc coating and powder coating. Vertical sides made of painted aluminium, horizontal ones of brushed aluminium. Door to be open upwards, tempered glass. Ces supports publicitaires modernes et complètement équipés de format standard,...

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information medium - 6

A modern elaboration of a rather classic element of street furniture fitting into a variety of urban and rural locations. Steel structure treated with zinc coating and powder coating. OSB panel or reinforced zinc coated steel sheet for poster attachment. Solution moderne pour un élément classique de mobilier urbain à utiliser dans des lieux urbains ou ruraux variés. La structure en acier galvanisé, équipé d´une teinte standard porte une structure utile d’affichage. Eine moderne Lösung des klassischen Straßenmobiliarelementes für Anwendung in verschiedenen Bereichen in der Stadt und am Land....

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information medium - 7

egero Cylindrical body carried by irregular structure of steel plates, creating an interesting dynamic tension for a strongly static element. Variation with light illuminating active surface using efficient LED lights located on the elegant ring. Steel structure treated with zinc coating and powder coating. The surface for posters made of exposed zinc-coated steel sheet. Le corps cylindrique porté par une structure disymétrique en tôles d’acier, crée une tendance dynamique intéressante chez un élément plutôt statique. Il existe une variante avec éclairage de la surface utile d’affichage au...

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The arrow orientation system os applies the principle of thin direction arrows pointing to destinations are visible from all sides. Simple and effective shaping combined with well-arranged graphic elaboration of individual arrows represents an advanced system for guidance in all types of public space. The pole made of zinc coated and powder coated steel, arrows made of aluminium which is further powder coated. Graphics of self-adhesive foils or serigraphy. As a standard, arrows can be placed in levels above each other and each level can contain 4 mutually vertical directions. One pole can...

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