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tree grids / grilles de arbres / baumschutzgitter planters / jardinieres / pflanzbehälter drinking fountains / fontaines / trinkbrunnen

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drinking fountains - 2

A traditional element of the urban space in a contemporary concept. Suitable for various locations, whether historical or completely modern. There are round and square models available and can be combined to create the needed solution. The standard version is designed only for pedestrian areas; a reinforced models allow for cars and small vans up to 3.5 tonnes gross weight. A new version has particular lamellas powder coated. This unique concept makes it possible to create interesting graphic patterns which can be fitted to the paving layout. Bent steel profiles treated with exposed zinc...

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drinking fountains - 4

Tree guard Grille d‘arbre Baumschutzrost steel structure structure en acier Stahlkonstruktion Tree guard Grille d‘arbre Baumschutzrost steel structure structure en acier Stahlkonstruktion

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drinking fountains - 5

for vehicle weight up to 3.5 tons / pour le poids du véhicule à 3,5 tonnes / für Fahrzeuge bis 3,5 t befahrbar features protective iron bars / contient une grille à six brins / mit Schutzgitter ART-C330  /  C331  Tree guard Grille d‘arbre Baumschutzrost steel structure, contains four colored lamellas structure en acier, dont quatre lames peintes Stahlkonstruktion, enthält vier Farblamellen Tree guard Grille d‘arbre Baumschutzrost steel structure, contains six colored lamellas structure en acier, dont six lames peintes Stahlkonstruktion, enthält sechs Farblamellen Tree guard Grille d‘arbre...

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drinking fountains - 6

Unique and completely new concept combining tree grids and seating elements. Seats, bike racks, railing and other elements make use of tree grids without reducing their function. Something what is needed for the tree and something giving people possibility to be outside the buildings. Fresh and elegant shape has been derived from the design of sinus benches. Dot perforation enables to use the Citépin plugs increasing the comfort for sitting. Structure made of strong steel sheet which is treated with zinc coating and powder coating or only with exposed zinc coating. Citépin plus thermally...

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drinking fountains - 7

Multifunction tree grid Grille d‘arbre multifonctionnelle Multifunktionaler Baumschutzrost steel structure, seats made of perforated steel sheet, optionally Citépin plugs structure en acier, assises en tôle perforée / en option avec Citépin Stahlkonstruktion, Sitzfläche aus perforiertem Blech, wahlweise mit Sitzfläche Citépin SNS110

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drinking fountains - 8

A new range of planters with self-irrigation. Sheathing panels made of aluminium sheet bent over corners are asymmetrically divided and provide the product with its distinctive and unique look. Thanks to the simple shape, the planter suits any location from big squares, where the monumental square version is the best choice, or malls with narrow space where rectangular planter fits the best. Powder coated aluminium sheathing is supported by zinc coated steel structure. Liner made of zinc coated steel sheet with self-irrigation. Equipped with adjustable legs or optionally, wheels for easier...

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drinking fountains - 9

capacity of soil / volume de terre / Erdreichvolumen volume of water / volume d´eau / Wasservolumen irrigation system / système d´irrigation / Bewässerungssystem m – equiped with wheel / à roulettes, pour déplacer / versetzbar mit Hilfe von Rollen structure en acier, habillage en tôle d´aluminium, récipient de 56l ou 107l / 86l ou 165l disponible pour les variantes sans système d’irrigation Stahlkonstruktion, Ummantelung aus Aluminiumblech, bei der Variante ohne Bewässerungssystem Behälter mit Volumen 56l oder 107l / 86l oder 165l möglich steel structure, casing made of aluminium steel...

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drinking fountains - 10

The planter of considerable size giving the possibility to have green space even in the public boulevards and busy avenues – simply said in all places where it is hard to grow any plants. Counterbalanced proportions, casing of hardwood slats, slightly cut edges bring the desirable detail. The zinc coated steel structure is covered with casing made of wooden boards, liner made of zinc coated steel sheet. Jardinière sobre et élégante est composée d´un grand contenant prévu pour arboriser la verdure dans les endroits publics où n´est pas possible d´implanter les plants. Les proportions et...

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drinking fountains - 11

b – pine wood   /   bois de pin   /   Kiefernholz t – tropical wood   /   bois tropical   /   Tropenholz y – Resysta material, see the page 268 y – Resysta, page 268 y – Resysta Werkstoff, siehe S. 268 ?l capacity of soil / volume de terre / Erdreichvolumen Planter Jardinière Pflanzbehälter Stahlkonstruktion, Ummantelung mit Holzbrettern 1500 structure en acier, revêtement en bois steel structure, casing made of wooden boards Planter with a seat Jardinière avec assise Pflanzbehälter mit Sitzfläche structure en acier, lames en bois steel structure, wooden boards Stahlkonstruktion, Holzbretter

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drinking fountains - 12

Elegant planter with pure design and universal usage. Steel structure and steel casing treated zinc coating and powder coating. Model with wooden lamella cladding available as well. Liner made of steel treated with exposed zinc coating. Firmly fixed. L’ élégante jardinière Florium, est proposée en pure réalisation qui permet une utilisation universelle. Florium est composée d’une structure portante en acier galvanisé et d'une couverture d’acier galvanisée, traitée par une peinture poudre (thermolaquage). Les parois peuvent etre équipées de lames de bois. Conteneur intérieur en tôle...

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