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fusion day / night - 2

c 00:00 programma spalla / side panel programme /// GAB.FUSION fusion 01 P. 4 fusion 21 P. 132 fusion 04 P. 24 fusion 22 P. 136 fusion 08 P. 46 index choose your composition /// ☞ spalla e contenitori / side panel and containers /// fusion 12 P. 74 fusion 03 P. 14 fusion 14 P. 90 fusion 09 P. 50 fusion 19 P. 118 fusion 15 P. 94 fusion 20 P. 128 fusion 18 P. 108 R Programma spalla / Side panel programme Programma spalla e contenitori / Side panel and container programme Programma contenitori / Container programme Programma contenitori a giorno / Open unit programme Armadi / Wardrobes Letti /...

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fusion day / night - 3

c c contenitori / containers /// contenitori giorno / open units /// armadi / wardrobes /// cabina armadio / walk-in closet /// fusion 02 P. 10 fusion 06 P. 30 rovix P. 20 fusion 05 P. 28 fusion 07 P. 38 nobilitato millimetrica P. 36 P. 44 letti / beds /// fusion 10 P. 62 fusion 16 P. 104 milano P. 60 frida basic P. 42 fusion 11 P. 70 fusion 17 P. 106 rovix P. 66 lun8 P. 56 fusion 13 P. 84 neolux P. 82 nick P. 80 rovix P. 100 next P. 114 liscia P. 124 andré’ P. 126

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fusion day / night - 4

10:30 FRIENDLY MEETING in the morning exchanging ideas /// c . Hours of leisure Having a chat, gossiping. Planning ahead, holidays, road-maps. Fun. Exchanging makeup. Red mugs, sipping tea. Cosy atmosphere. Relax. White. Lacquered wood. 4 5

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fusion day / night - 6

Composizione laccata all'acqua colore Gesso con anta scorrevole, spalle e ripiani spessore 38mm. Composition lacquered on water-base finish Gesso with sliding door, side panels and shelves thickness 38mm. Komposition in Mattlack Gesso mit Schiebetueren, Composition laqué à l'eau couleur Gesso avec porte coulissante, côtés et étagères épaissur 38 mm. Composición lacado al agua color Gesso con puerta corredera, costados y estantes esp. 38mm. Opstelling in lak op water-basis afwerking Gesso met schuifdeur, zijpanelen en legplanken dikte 38mm.

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fusion day / night - 7

women life Composizione con scrittoio pensile ed elementi sospesi. Finitura nobilitato Rovix. Composition with hanging writing desk and suspended elements. Finish melamine Rovix. Komposition mit schwebender Konsole. Ausfuehrung Laminai Rovix. Composition avec bureau suspendu et éléments suspendus. Finition mélaminé Rovix. Composición con escritorio colgante y elementos suspendidos. Acabados melaminico Rovix. Opstelling met hangend bureau en wandkastjes. Afwerking laminaat Rovix.

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fusion day / night - 9

designing nature /// Cinnamon tCll Place the cinnamon stick in a cup. Add the boiling water and steep covered for 10 minutes. Add the teabag and steep from ito s minutes. Sweeten to taste, if desired.

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fusion day / night - 11

Composizione con scrittoio pensile, contenitore e libreria Fusion finitura nobilitato Rovix. Elemento sospeso laccato Zenzero o Lichene. Composition with hanging writing desk, container and bookcase Fusion finish melamine Rovix. Suspended element lacquered finish Zenzero or Lichene. Komposition mit schwebender Konsole. Laenglicher Haengecontainer und Buecherregal Fusion in Laminai Rovix. Haengekorpus in Mattlack Farbe Lichene oder Composition avec bureau suspendu, conteneur et bibliothèque Fusion finition mélaminé Rovix. Elément suspendu laqué couleur Zenzero ou Lichene. Composición con...

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fusion day / night - 13

Armadio I-Box con 3 ante scorrevoli ROVIX, finitura nobilitato rovix. Wardrobe I-Box with 3 sliding doors ROVIX, finish melamine rovix. Kleiderschrank I-Box mit 3 Schiebetueren Typ ROVIX, in Laminai Armoire I-Box avec 3 portes coulissantes ROVIX, finition mélaminé Armario I-Box con 3 puertas correderas ROVIX, acabado melaminico Garderobekast I-Box met 3 schuifdeuren ROVIX, afwerking laminaat

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fusion day / night - 15

Composizione con ante nobilitato Rovix e schienali laccati all'acqua colore Lichene. Base contenitore nobilitato Rovix. Composition with doors melamine Rovix and back panels lacquered on water-base finish Lichene. Base container melamine Rovix. Komposition in Laminai Rovix und Rueckwaenden in Mattlack Lichene. Standcontainer in Laminai Rovix. Composition avec portes mélaminé Rovix et fonds laqué à l'eau couleur Lichene. Base conteneur mélaminé Composición con puertas melaminico Rovix y traseras lacado al agua color Lichene. Base contenedor melaminico Rovix. Opstelling met deuren in laminaat...

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fusion day / night - 16

Elemento sospeso in nobilitato Rovix. Elementi CUBO laccati Gesso, Caolino e Lichene. Hanging element in melamine Rovix. Elements CUBO lacquered Gesso, Caolino and Lichene. Haengeboard in Laminai Rovix. Elemente CUBO in Mattlack Gesso, Caolino und Lichene. Elément suspendu en mélaminé Rovix. Eléments CUBO laqué Gesso, Caolino et Lichene. Elemento suspendido en melaminico Rovix. Elementos CUBO lacado Gesso, Caolino y Lichene. Wandkast in laminaat Rovix. CUBO elementen gelakt in Gesso, Caolino en Lichene.

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fusion day / night - 17

12:45 FUSION FOOD emozioni young basic elements. /// Ï ˚ Rice with friendship Slicing onions. Grating ginger. Sipping a glass of iced Chablis. A breath of fresh air. Looking over the window. Optical. Lacquered wood. Patterns. Fresh yellow. 30 31

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fusion day / night - 19

Composizione con ante e cassetti in polimerico Gesso lucido, elementi CUBO in Rovix laccato Kiwi. Elemento porta TV laccato opaco, con passacavi. Composition with doors and drawers in polymeric glossy Gesso, elements CUBO Rovix lacquered finish Kiwi. TV panel mat lacquered, with passage for Kompositionen mit Türen und Schubladen in Polymer-Hochglanz-Optik in Farbe Gesso, CUBO. Elemente in Rovix in Mattlack Kiwi. TV-Paneel in Mattlack Gesso mit Kabeldurchlass. Composition avec portes et tiroirs in polymérique Gesso brillant, éléments CUBO mélaminé Rovix laqué Kiwi. Elément porte-TV laqué...

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fusion day / night - 20

Cabina armadio MILLIMETRICA in nobilitato Gesso. Raster utile per chi ama ordine e precisione. Cassetti con maniglie cromate, l'interno dei cassetti ha la stessa finitura della cabina Walk-in closet MILLIMETRICA in melamine Gesso. Useful racks for those who love tidiness and precision. Drawers with chromed handles, internal finish of the drawers same as the Begehbare Schrankkabine MILLIMETRICA mit Hemdablage. Verchromte Schubladengriffe. Innenausfiihrung der Schublade Cabine armoire MILLIMETRICA mélaminé Gesso. Raster, utile pour ceux qui aiment l'ordre et la précision. Tirois avec poignées...

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