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is to provide people with workplaces adjusted to their needs. We are experts at designing offices by leveraging our speciality in office furniture production. is based on 30 years of experience in the international market. We have analyzed global trends and best practices within office organizations all over the world. What we have learned is that only flexible solutions can adapt to support the changing needs of an evolving company. We truly believe a well-designed office complete with both flexible and ergonomic solutions will positively shape an organization’s culture forever.

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Unilever | Hamburg T-Mobile | Warsaw SEB Bank | Vilnius Neuca | Toruń Insurance Company | Cracow Concentrix | Szczecin Mondial-Assistance | Warsaw CitySpace | Gdańsk All In! Games | Cracow Netguru | Poznań JHM Development | Skierniewice CitySpace Młociny | Warszawa Hama | Poznań Outsourcing Company | Łódź Edwards Lifesciences Offices | Warsaw National Chamber of Commerce | Warsaw Smart Automation | Olsztyn Outsourcing Company | Kat

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THE CHALLENGE: TO HELP REALIZE A CORPORATE CULTURE INSPIRED BY THE NEW SLOGAN “FUTURE FIT & PURPOSE LED”. EMPLOYEES PARTOOK IN THE SPACE’S DESIGN, SELECTING AND DEVELOPING THE BEST SOLUTIONS FOR THEIR NEEDS. OVER 50 PODS FROM THE HUSH LINE WERE IMPLEMENTED. The project’s guiding ideas were coworking, wellbeing, and flexible design. The team needed a layout with furniture pieces that supported these ideas and helped evolve their culture – the result: a multi-space office landscape with a practical design for each room’s specific purpose. Plants and natural lighting encour- age the team’s...

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Karsten Knocke Joppich&Rieckhoff Handelsgesellschaft für Büroeinrichtungen mbH | TheDive GmbH

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MIKOMAX SMART OFFICE WORKED WITH ARCHITECT BARTOSZ PIŁAT TO ARRANGE AND OUTFIT THIS POLISH T-MOBILE OFFICE. WE FOCUSED ON TAILORING WORKSTATIONS TO EMPLOYEE EXPECTATIONS. A COMPREHENSIVE ARRANGEMENT ACCOMMODATES A KITCHENETTE, CHILLOUT ZONES, AND CONFERENCE ROOMS. HUSHOFFICE ACOUSTIC PODS FURNISH KEY SPACES. We needed to adapt the interior to the client’s desired wallpaper and lighting aesthetics. Our approach was collaborative; we worked directly with their team to pick the right ready-made solutions and develop excellent tailor-made ones.

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Bartosz Piłat | Mikomax Smart Office

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IN 2020 SEB LIETUVOJE MOVED TO THEIR NEW HQ IN KONSTITUCIJOS AV AT VILNIUS. SEB REPRESENTATIVES CONSULTED WITH OUR TEAM DIRECTLY TO PICK THE RIGHT PRODUCTS FROM THE HUSH LINE. A LOCAL HUSH DEALER HANDLED INSTALLATION, FURNISHING THE SPACE WITH HUSH BOOTHS AND PODS. The project was creative: realize an activity-based office concept within the innovative, flexible building. Expectations included an outstanding layout, advanced technologies, and sustainability solutions. Most importantly, SEB employees needed to love the space and feel at home within it. The office is complete with...

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THIS NEUCA OFFICE ARRANGEMENT PRIORITIZES EMPLOYEE COMFORT. IT CONSISTS OF TWO BUILDINGS CONNECTED BY A WALKWAY. FINISHES AND FUNCTIONAL SOLUTIONS ARE STYLISTICALLY CONSISTENT ACROSS THE TWO BUILDINGS. Workstations are organized per ergonomic requirements. A glass facade floods the floor plan with natural light while offering all a view of the surrounding forest. The project had to give adequate working conditions to the company’s 1,500+ employees, so the whole team partook in the decision-making process of space planning. Together, they developed the concept of “Poland from the mountains...

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INSURANCE COMPANY THIS PROJECT IS A SPACE FOR AN INSURANCE COMPANY. OUR ARRANGEMENT PROVIDES FOR AND EQUIPS 200 WORKSTATIONS. THE CLIENT STRONGLY PRIORITIZED WORKSTATION SIMPLICITY AND FUNCTIONALITY AND SOUGHT TO BRING POSITIVE ENERGY TO ALL COMMON AREAS. TO THIS END, WE PICKED BOLD COLOR COMBINATIONS THAT PERFECTLY MATCH THE COMPANY’S BRAND. We needed to give employees solutions that allowed them to talk freely without disrupting others. This functionality is provided by acoustic booths; the project is outfitted with Hushoffice solutions. Upholstered panels in dynamic configurations of...

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WE EQUIPPED THE OFFICE SPACE FOR THIS LARGE BUSINESS SERVICES COMPANY. THE DECISION REGARDING THEIR NEW LOCATION LANDED ON A MODERN OFFICE BUILDING, “POSEJDON”, AND WAS DRIVEN PRIMARILY BY A NEED FOR MORE WORKSTATIONS. The entire office’s arrangement, including the floor covering’s design, was prepared by Bartosz Piłat from the Mikomax Smart Office team. We adapted interior colors to the company’s brandbook and delivered 530 workstations in the Szczecin branch in total, using many non-standard versions of the product to accommodate cable management. We arranged the kitchen and training...

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Mikomax Smart Office

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MONDIAL ASSISTANCE THE CHALLENGE: TO REARRANGE THE WARSAW BRANCH OF THIS ASSISTANCE SERVICES COMPANY. WE FOCUSED ON CREATING COMFORTABLE, FUNCTIONAL WORKSPACES FOR THE MANAGEMENT TEAM AND THEIR EMPLOYEE BASE OF CALL CENTER SERVICERS. THE REARRANGEMENT CONCEPT WAS “MODERN DESIGN” – A DESIGN THAT ACCOMMODATED COMFORTABLE WORK AND THE COMPANY’S IMAGE. Arrangement of the space was comprehensive to provide complete, perfect workstations. We used modern, functional office equipment, including Hushoffice acoustic pods, desks from the Flexido D system, acoustic panels and Okamura swivel chairs. The...

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BOTH A COWORKING SPACE AND A HUSHOFFICE SHOWROOM LOCATED ON THE GROUND FLOOR OF THE “TRYTON BUSINESS HOUSE” OFFICE BUILDING IN GDAŃSK. CREATED IN PARTNERSHIP WITH CITYSPACE, AN OPERATOR OF FLEXIBLE OFFICE SPACES, THE SHOWROOM’S FACADE IS FULLY GLAZED TO OFFER ALL AN INTRIGUING VIEW OF ITS INTERIOR. Hushoffice acoustic pods are the showroom’s key elements, supporting concentrated work and allowing teammates to isolate themselves from noise in a pod that’s comfortable and convenient. Each pod is fully featured with handy amenities like adjustable ventilation and lighting, power sources, and...

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