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Miele WetCare - 2

Professional fabric care for the future There are virtually no fabrics or textiles that can challenge Miele. Silks, satins, wools and even suede can be safely cleaned with a Miele Professional Wet Care® System and thousands of cleaners worldwide are delivering impeccable results day after day with our systems. The key word is “Care.” Miele not only truly cleans garments in its systems, but cares for sensitive fabrics and textiles with special programs and its trademarked Honeycomb™ drum featuring the smallest of exit holes to better cushions fabrics. With more than 100 years of cleaning...

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Miele WetCare - 3

From the inventors of wet cleaning: Excellent in even the smallest detail Miele Professional and a detergent manufacturer, Kreussler, invented the wet cleaning process. The first system was launched back in 1991 and was used with great success in numerous cleaning establishments and laundries. Today, the third generation of Miele wet cleaning machines is working with the latest, optimized WetCare® System. Thanks to the patented Honeycomb™ Drum, fabrics last even longer with greatly improved cleaning results and lower water and energy consumption. With the WetCare® system, Miele once again...

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Miele WetCare - 4

Innovative features: The comprehensive system for fabric cleaning and care For decades Miele has led the way in the development of innovative laundry systems, cleaning and care processes. From developing the first wet cleaning system in 1991 to earning awards for the first freely programmable controls; the introduction of air recycling plus in dryers; and the launch of its Honeycomb™ drum, Miele is considered a leading innovator. And now the Miele WetCare® System encompasses these technological advantages offering a state-of-the-art system for wet cleaning today and into the future. Why...

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Miele WetCare - 5

Highly economical fabric care A professional service that makes for satisfied customers — an advantage that the WetCare® System offers for a wide range of applications in cleaning establishments and professional laundries as well as hotels and care homes. Wherever it is used, the WetCare® System ensures that fabrics are treated in the best way possible. More customers are turning away from traditional dry cleaning processes and opting for a cleaning process that does not harm the environment and delivers fresh feeling and smelling garments. Wet cleaned clothes are more pleasant to wear. In...

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Miele WetCare - 6

Industry leaders: Innovative technology gives Miele the edge Miele’s new wet cleaning machines now offer even gentler fabric care for the WetCare® process — thanks in part to the patented Honeycomb DrumTM whose honeycomb structure allows the fabrics to float on a protective film of water. According to research carried out by the wfk Institute, this gentle handling of laundry plays a significant role in maintaining the shape of garments. The new, freely programmable Profitronic M controls allow the user to enter individual program settings for every application; and the tried-and-tested...

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Miele WetCare - 7

With WetCare®, Miele has worked with users of Miele Professional’s innovative technology to develop a wet cleaning solution that offers optimum protection of the environment. This is in keeping with Miele’s principle of producing and selling products of the highest quality, which not only offer the best performance, efficiency and reliability but whose entire lifecycle is designed to have the most minimal impact on the environment. The most important aspects of this are: • Making the most economical use of raw materials, energy and water • Avoiding emissions and waste as much as possible •...

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Miele WetCare - 8

Systematic reliability: Miele Service According to users, Miele’s customer service is the best in the industry. Contact with Miele guarantees prompt handling of all inquiries, and the nationwide network of support locations and authorized dealers, ensure easy access to reliable and fast solutions. Miele, Inc. 9 Independence Way Princeton, NJ 08540 & 609.419.4241 & 800.991.9380 8

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