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Vertical blinds - 3

MHZ tip Floor-to-ceiling vertical blinds appear to elongate the room and hide sloping ceilings.The blinds' vertical symmetry harmonises the differing sizes of a wall's windows and doors.Vertical blinds inside a recess emphasise the window, while in front of it they convey flatness with the wall. 4 5 >

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Vertical blinds - 4

MHZ tip As if by magic, electrically operatedvertical blinds put on displays in front ofany window that are both spellbindingand easy to control.They are particularly adept at putting on a show in airy heights, nooks andcrannies. 6 7 >

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Vertical blinds - 5

MHZ tip Ornamental effects of jacquard weavingexcel particularly in a harmonised colourscheme and on second glance reveal adelicate new look. MHZ tip Woven vanes made of Trevira CS add much sought-after fabrics to the range of materials in natural andsynthetic fibres. Trevira CS is the fibre for all occasions. It transforms materials into easy-care fabrics thatpreserve their beauty for years. >

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Vertical blinds - 6

The vanes, with their clear geometric lines, are given a warm radiance and apparent 3-D quality by vibrantlyflowing patterns. The fabrics in discrete shades of white look particularly refined. > MHZ tipWithin the twinkling of an eye, individual vanes can be changed to create a new look and emphasise whatevermood in the room you wish. Alternating plain and patterned vanes in the same colour scheme looks veryattractive and refined. >

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Vertical blinds - 7

MHZ tip With its raw appeal and fascinatingly bemusing shadows, non-woven material is in keeping with the spirit ofthe time . 12 13 >

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Vertical blinds - 8

The system's secret is concealed in thetrack. Just one single chain controls its operation, opening the vertical blind or positioning the vanes at the desired an- gle. Spacer chains at the bottom end of thevanes keep them at an even distance and make opening and closing easier. Welded- in weighting plates can alternatively hold the vanes perpendicular and lessen their movement. BildunterschriftSystem with chain-pull operation Welded-in weighting plate 14 15 >

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