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Venetian-blinds - 1

For advice please contact: > 07-5001-400 / 05.06 Raff MHZ Hachtel GmbH & Co.KG >

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Venetian-blinds - 3

MHZ tip MHZ INLINE venetian blinds are fitted directly onto the window frames. Windows and balcony doors cantherefore be tilted and opened even with the blinds shut (see illustration far right). 4 5 >

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Venetian-blinds - 4

MHZ tip Cooking fumes and grease particles accumulate on every kitchen surface. Like all other affected surfaces,MHZ venetian blinds can be cleaned: Simply close the blinds and wipe over the entire surface using a windowor kitchen cleaner. 6 7 >

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Venetian-blinds - 5

MHZ tip MHZ venetian blinds are as if created for the bathroom. They are made exclusively out of aluminium and highquality synthetic components and can withstand tropical climatic zones within the home and anywhere in theworld. When using the MHZ SUN-PIN, the blinds will open only to wherever the little stopper is positioned onthe string tape. Order yours straight off with your new blind! 8 9 >

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Venetian-blinds - 6

MHZ tip Thanks to the rigid head rail, even largeMHZ venetian blinds are quick and easyto fit. Flower tubs take precedence: Thepull chain can be operated even awayfrom the window.Still greater ease of use is achieved forlarger blinds up to 9 m > 2 by installing themwith an integrated low voltage drive unitor crank handle. The size of the head railin this case remains just 29 x 29 mm. >

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Venetian-blinds - 7

MHZ tip MHZ venetian blinds are ideally suited for use as partitions (see bottom left). For multiple partitions, theraising and lowering of the blinds and angling of the slats can be controlled at the touch of a button from onelocation. Even narrow windows don't miss out (see top right): MHZ venetian blinds with pull chain areavailable from widths of 18 cm. 12 13 >

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Venetian-blinds - 8

MHZ venetian blinds fit into any windowsituation. This is made possible by the inner workings of the MHZ head rail: The top bar of the MINI venetian blind system is just 1,5 cm in height and the supports can be positioned anywhere. The harmonious design shows itself in itsdetail: The elegant chain of glass beads runs down the front of the blind, thus avoiding any gap of light at the side. Automatic press-button and remote control drives are naturally also available. System with chain operation MINI system with delicate top rail 14 15 >

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