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Roller-Blinds - 1

For advice please contact: 07-4110-001 / 06.06 T+M MHZ Roller Blinds We design sunlight. > for small islands of calmamidst the daily bustle of life MHZ Hachtel GmbH & Co.KGPostfach 80 05 20D-70505 Stuttgart GermanyPhone + 49 711 97 5118 50Fax + 49 711 97 514 18 size="-2">

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Roller-Blinds - 2

MHZ special Bright white not only looks great, it is also guaranteed non-sensitive. That's because the materials we use tomake our MHZ roller blinds are easy-care and can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth. >

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Roller-Blinds - 3

MHZ special Great to be seen and not heard! Roller blinds from MHZ don't only shield you and your four walls wheneveryou are looking for peace and quiet, they also move very gently, almost in silence. Manually or electrically entirely as you prefer. >

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Roller-Blinds - 4

MHZ special MHZ roller blinds are available in numerous structures, designs and colours - from radiant yellow to sky blue. With MHZ roller blinds you also have the choice of transparent to opaque - whatever takes your fancy! >

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Roller-Blinds - 5

MHZ special Bliss and convenience are a must! It is on this principle that we have developed our MHZ roller blinds. With theelectric blinds, for example, a simple press of a button will suffice, while with the others just a brief pull. >

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Roller-Blinds - 6

MHZ special Air conditioning included! These MHZ roller blinds look out for everything that makes relaxation even morerelaxing. From the energising colour to the carefully selected material, which happens to also have a markedair-conditioning effect. >

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Roller-Blinds - 7

MHZ special Submerged: So too is the roller shaft on MHZ 'Motion with Cover' roller blinds! Elegant aluminium enclosesyour MHZ roller blind at the top and bottom, enabling the roller shaft to disappear out of sight. >

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Roller-Blinds - 8

MHZ special Integrated clarity: MHZ roller blinds are simple and easy to use. No matter whether you opt for a spring mecha-nism, chain operation or an electrically operated roller. >

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Roller-Blinds - 9

MHZ special Talking of imagination, MHZ roller blinds are also very creative in terms of design, featuring elephants, teddies,the moon and stars or just lovely plain colours that will lift the heart of any child. >

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Roller-Blinds - 10

The MHZ 'Motion' chain operation rollerblind is a real disguise artist. With its cover for the roller tube and its exposed lower bar in white or silver, this roller blind provides the perfect framework for an elegant and decorative piece of fabric. And what else is there?MHZ offers lots of options for the perfect way to finish off your blind. Choose between simple modernity inthe form of exposed, teardrop shaped aluminium lower bars, or more classically from a wide variety of elegant pelmets.

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