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Pleated-blind - 2

MHZ special White has many faces on MHZ pleated blinds. From light pure white to fine natural white.From airy transparency to a non-transparent style. From crash look to jacquard, and from floralmotifs to geometric lines. To suit every space, fancy and mood. >

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Pleated-blind - 3

MHZ special Wood loves natural tones. Whether shades such as cream, cappuccino or caramel, MHZcolours for pleated blinds will match perfectly with every type of wood in your home, with aparticularly nice touch added by jacquards that pick up on the typical structure of wood. >

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Pleated-blind - 4

MHZ special You have the entire spectrum to choose from: Vanilla and soft yellow all the way to powerfulgold. Whatever you pick, with these MHZ colours, sun, warmth and light will flood into your life. >

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Pleated-blind - 5

MHZ special Colours from the orange spectrum activate our senses and spirit for life, arousing a zest foraction and a joie de vivre. In a gentle way, as with apricot, or powerfully as with terra or copper. >

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Pleated-blind - 6

MHZ special MHZ pleated blinds are available in harmoniously graduated shades of red, from subtleros to raspberry to deep blood red. They come in the plain crash look, fine chintz andsophisticated Trevira fabrics. In combination with our pleating technology we can also fulfil any other special wishes you may have. >

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Pleated-blind - 7

MHZ special Colours and fabrics conjure up fresh air in our homes and fresh ideas in our minds. That iswhy for our pleated blinds we select only the most beautiful shades, such as subtle mossgreen, vibrant pistachio or delicate woodruff. >

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Pleated-blind - 8

MHZ special MHZ pleated blinds enhance every room. Even bathrooms. For these, we therefore offerspecial fabrics that are washable, easy to look after and suitable for damp conditions. Theyare densely woven too, shielding you day and night from prying eyes. >

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Pleated-blind - 9

MHZ special Grey can be so versatile! Whether you favour colours that are cool or warm, like elegantPaisley, or prefer non-woven materials with a metallic look, it is not just home designers thatare bowled over by the benefits of MHZ pleated blinds. >

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Pleated-blind - 10

MHZ special MHZ pleated blinds' colourful children's motifs are even more effective in sunlight. They then look more animated than ever and so lifelike that the vibrant stories on the blinds tell themselves. >

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Pleated-blind - 11

MHZ special MHZ pleated blinds are reliable in operation and ensure just the right play of light orshading effect. Like here in the office, or in conservatories or with our 'dim-out' feature inyour study at home. >

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Pleated-blind - 12

MHZ special We relax more easily in the dark. And better still if surrounded by beautiful colours andselect pleated blinds from MHZ. They impart the right atmosphere and go perfectly withany skylight, vertical or special window format. >

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