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SOLUTIONS MADE TO MEASURE I Ideas with atmosphere Internal and external sunshade from MHZ. Productoverview.

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Perfection and individuality have always been distinctive features of our work. Every one of our solutions therefore shows a unique style. Bespoke production Panel Blinds Roller Blinds Vertical Blinds Pleated Blinds Venetian Blinds Roman Blinds Curtain Rods Curtain Rails Exterior Venetian Blinds Shading Systems Insect Screens

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BESPOKE PRODUCTION The highest possible level of customer satisfaction – that is the objective that spurs our company on in everything we do. From the first idea to the finishing touch. Behind every MHZ product is a highly experienced team: knowhow, innovative flair, expertise and dedication are our staff’s key strengths. We have a clear aim: perfection and fascination. Every design, every material, every stage of our work and every quality control is designed to achieve this. Using cutting edge technology and precise craftsmanship, we create custom solutions to satisfy every wish. Every MHZ...

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PANEL BLINDS Model 01-4222, CARAT_24 hardware colour 112, silver anodised matt, particularly suitable for fabrics from the „SILVER STONE“ collection card. Model 01-4224 Mechanism CARAT_24 Model 02-4223, CARAT_24 hardware colour 253, brushed stainless steel finish. The fabrics from the „GOLDEN GLAM“ collection card have been especially selected to match the hardware colour. Simple styles. Strong statements. Product benefits Having a feel for what really matters and the coura- also as room dividers, they underline the clear, the architectural environment. Create a wide vari- ge to concentrate...

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ROLLER BLINDS Mechanism R_03 Material SKY, 3-1649, 100 % Trevira CS Highly practical. And exceptionally beautiful. Clarity and simplicity combined with clever but easy means of operation are typical features of MHZ products. Features that we have perfected on MHZ roller blinds. The roller shaft around which the fabric wraps itself is the technical system that, with the help of the control element, enables the blind to be precisely held in any position. The amount of incoming light can be regulated to suit, depending on how much screening and protection from glare is required. With a design...

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VERTICAL BLINDS Model 05-7025 Mechanism free-hanging system with 250 mm slats Material SKY, 3-1274, 100 % Trevira CS Based on clarity. And flair. Product benefits Our solutions not only need to meet the high MHZ cations, they impress in the home as well with their sun and the amount of light coming in. If the slats quality standards, they also have to convince over ability to perfectly regulate screening, light and within a blind are furnished with differing gradients the long term in everyday use. MHZ vertical blinds shade. Aesthetically beautiful, MHZ vertical blinds of colour or combined...

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PLEATED BLINDS Emphasising variety. And the essentials. Precision work is an important MHZ benchmark. It encompasses both perfectly fitting solutions and ideas for the most varied of occasions and demands. A promise convincingly kept by MHZ pleated blinds. The variety of models, colours and dimensions creates huge scope for tailor-made design solutions, with the MHZ pleated blind mechanism cleverly relegated into the background, thus underling the blind’s optical effect. Our large selection of fabrics in different levels of transparency reflects the latest interior trends. Design your...

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VENETIAN BLINDS MHZ TwinLine Venetian blinds The MHZ TwinLine demonstrates in exemplary fashion how MHZ Venetian blinds set new standards of innovation. The product is fitted directly into the glazing bead and the blind can be freely moved up and down the window and held in place wherever you wish. The slats’ angle of turn can be adjusted using the rotary wheel integrated within the handle, thus facilitating new possibilities for playing with light, screening and privacy. The TwinLine blind: handle with rotary wheel for turning the slats Model 09-1167 Mechanism free-hanging system Material...

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ROMAN BLINDS Textile sophistication. Fascinating in their effect. Skilful craftsmanship, selection of materials based on quality and design and their transformation into products of the highest functionality always go hand in hand at MHZ. It is for instance in this way that MHZ Roman blinds solve every spatial problem in an exceptionally sensual fashion, creating a unique atmosphere for the home. Exclusive fabrics in varying degrees of transparency, lots of colours and interesting patterns make windows of either straight or curved shape into real eye-catchers. Our Roman blind hardware is...

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CURTAIN RODS Exceptional forms. Choice materials. Innovative ideas and perfect production are cha- From classically elegant and ornamental to mini- racteristic features in the MHZ product range. malistically pure, they give curtains character and These are objectives that we pursue for our cur- hold. The materials and material combinations tain poles, too. Every detail is thought through, are both highly varied and expressive. Innovative every idea rigorously checked for its functionality forms in aluminium, custom solutions in V2A steel, and turned into made-to-measure solutions. Both...

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CURTAIN RAILS Purist design. And invisible if desired. Every MHZ solution features easy handling and a carry decorative curtains and can also impress multitude of possible ways in which it can be used. as breezy room dividers. Long-lasting materials That’s a principle that we follow too in the deve- and high quality production make them proven lopment and design of our curtain rails. Made to solutions. They are both progressive and durable. measure from aluminium and plastic, they adapt to Patented ideas like clip fitting and powerful elec- every environment and requirement. They can be tric...

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EXTERIOR VENETIAN BLINDS Ideas with profile. And exemplary qualities. Durability is something we take literally. Including them suitable to be used in numerous different and in particular in the case of external sun blinds ways, including as a particularly good alternative and shade systems. In addition to timeless beau- to plastic roller shutters. As they can be tilted, the tiful aesthetics, numerous other important qua- slats of MHZ exterior Venetian blinds adapt fle- lities are called for here. MHZ exterior Venetian xibly to the height of the sun. Rooms can thus be blinds create this...

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