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Panel-blinds - 4

KNOW HOW > Oops! You slide the panel to the side and the cheeky thing is too wide, jutting out in front of the window! Perfect! Parked to one side, the panel isnot one millimetre wider than the wall. The window is thus unobstructed and can be easily opened. And the complete look? Simply spellbinding! What a pity! The pattern has been cut tothe left and right and is thus incomplete. You can only guess at how pretty it is. Tailor-made from when they were stitched!The widths of the pattern and the panels match precisely, aligning the appearance of your panel blinds to full effect. Festival of...

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Panel-blinds - 5

So that your shows remain a success day after day, every panel blinds from MHZ comes complete with all the ne-cessary equipment. A special aluminium bar, for instance, not only looks good but also keeps the fabric panelsperfectly in shape. Aluminium draw rod, V2A steel Aluminium weighting bar inside the hemExternal aluminium weighting bar >

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Panel-blinds - 6

Three windows, four panels somethingis wrong here! It is therefore best to check right at the ordering stage that every window is getting its own panel. Subtle change, big effect! The windowsand panels are as if made for each other, looking their best when they appear in pairs, i.e. one panel for each window. Here you see three dream pairs that wonderfully master the symmetry and the pas de deux. 10 11 >

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Panel-blinds - 7

On days when you want to lap up a bit less sun, you can add a couple of supporting roles, using for example,venetian blinds, roller blinds or fine pleated blinds. They all harmonise perfectly with your panel blinds toproduce an effective complete work of art. 1213 >

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Panel-blinds - 8

A good principle: Integrate the existingarchitecture into your plans. Panel blinds can adjust themselves perfectly to any window or room situation, cutting an impressive figure in any position. Perfectly framed! One panel on the left,one on the right: Immediately, the focal point is the window. Eye-catching! A panel consciously takingon a supporting role, thus producing a pretty, contrasting setting for a wide- format window. Nice emphasis! Bordered by two windows,the panel puts the emphasis on the centre. Variety included! Panel blindsalways lookgreat! 1415 >

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Panel-blinds - 9

Ostensibly just a curtain. And yet a panel blind like this is so much more, with every transparent movementenabling you to sense and see how near the two worlds are: The external and the internal, the light and theshade. 16 17 >

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Panel-blinds - 10

No doubt about it! Panel blinds providelots of room for creativity - and also need a little room around the window. The trick: Make sure panels are at theright distance from the window. You can then tilt windows (and balcony doors) behind them - and retain the overall look! Perfect by day! A lovely interplay of styles,with transparent panels in front of the windows and non-transparent ones to the left and right. Perfect by night! One touch, and theinterplay works this way too. Now the transparent panels are to the side, the non-transparent ones in the middle cleverly achieved via the use of...

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