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AELLE 80 STH - 1

AELLE 80 STH Aluminium-wood windows and doors

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AELLE 80 STH - 2

METRA. THE ONLY COMPANY TO OFFER A COMPLETE RANGE OF PRODUCTS OUR SERVICE ALWAYS CLOSER TO CUSTOMERS METRA's toll free number is always available in order to support your ideas, suggesting new solutions and finally directing you to Metra's point of sale. Metra's pre and after sale service will always help you in each phase: from your frame choice to installation, from cleaning advice to traceability of your frame history. DESIGN AND STYLE METRA's window and door frames include a wide range of aesthetic styles, adding thus value to the traditional and contemporary dwelling spaces, preserving...

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AELLE 80 STH - 4

Aluminium-wood windows and doors The aluminium thermal break core of the casement system ensures high thermal insulation performance even in large size windows and doors. The internal side coated in natural wood, chosen from a wide range of possibilities, enhances the living space with the typical positive feelings associated with wood. The AELLE 80 STH system combines the aesthetics of the natural surface with all the qualities of resistance, durability, burglar-proof features and insulation of aluminium window and door frames. Many types of opening are available.

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AELLE 80 STH - 5

Technical features Thermal-break series for windows and doors. Glass thickness: from 17 to 50 mm • Wide range of finishes • High-level design • Maximum thermal and acoustic insulation • Resistance and structural stability • Easy maintenance • Inalterable and long-lasting • No architectural barriers Windows series: 70 mm frame basic profiles, 91 mm sash profile, with 21 mm internal overlap (Piana line) 80 mm frame basic profiles, 91 mm sash profile, with 21 mm internal overlap (Sagomata line) Air-water-wind tightness: open joint central gasket. Aluminium aesthetic lines: Piana, Sagomata Wood...

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AELLE 80 STH - 6

1 - Solid wood 2 - Insulating triple glazing 3 - EPDM glazing gaskets 4 - Soundproofing rabbet gasket 5 - Energy saving insulating bars 6 - Central gasket: EPDM open joint 7 - Burglar-proof glazing beads 8 - Adjustable hinges METRA Quality The use of products and accessories branded Metra, guarantees that you are using materials with long lasting performances and durability. Metra's systems have been certified by the most important test laboratories in Europe, obtaining the highest performance results. Just to be sure, choose original profiles, easily recognizable through the brand M which...

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AELLE 80 STH - 7

AELLE 80 STHCertified performances Water tightness en 1027 - en 12208 The METRA window or door has not had any seepage of water even with a wind pressure equal to a speed of 124,7 km/h (750Pa). Air pressure applied km/h Class achieved Capacity of the window or door to block seepage of water when it is struck by a water flow and there is a pressure difference between the internal and external side. Permeabilita all’aria en 1026 - en 12207 The METRA window or door was subjected to a wind pressure equal to a speed of 111,54 km/h (600Pa) and passed the test with positive results. Air pressure...

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AELLE 80 STH - 8

Curtain walls Casement windows and doors Aluminium-wood windows and doors Sliding windows and doors Internal doors Systems for balconies Verandas Shading systems Photovoltaic applications Accessories and design complements METRA METRA S.p.A. Via Stacca,1 - 25050 Rodengo Saiano (BS) Italia Tel. +39 030 6819.1 - Fax +39 030 6810363 - METRA uses ecological paper for its documentation and low environmental impact printing products. METRA Documentation Brochure AELLE 80 STH - English Edition: 05/2016

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