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METRA Italian Style Emotions

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METRA. METRA. ADDING CHE LO STILE CHE LO STILE VALUE DA VALORE DA VALORE TO TUO AL TUO AL YOUR HOME HABITAT HABITAT METRA. Design, Colour, Emotion. Italian Design, Colore, Emozione. desired the world over. Metra. Design, Colore, Emozione. Lo stile italiano che il mondo ci ci invidia. Lo stile italiano che il mondo invidia. METRA’s integrated systems have been created in order to provide quality solutions to any archiItectural and aesthetic need of the contemporaryper sistemi integrati Metra sono stati creati era. I sistemi integrati Metra sono stati creati per soddisfare con...

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METRA. THE ONLY SOLO METRA COMPANY TO TI PROPONE OFFER A UN PRODOTTO COMPLETE DI COMPLETO RANGE OF TUTTO PRODUCTS UN SERVIZIO PIÙ VICINO AI CLIENTI Metra SERVICE OUR mette a disposizione un Numero Verde in grado di sostenere le tue idee, consigliarti nuove ALWAYS CLOSER TO CUSTOMERS soluzioni e poi orientarti verso i puntiavailable in METRA’s toll free number is always vendita. Un servizio di assistenza prevendita e post order to support your ideas, suggesting new vendita in grado di seguirti in ogni fase: dalla solutions and finally directing you to Metra’s point of sale. storica pre and...

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Advantages • Formats up to 1000x3000 mm • Reduced thickness (3.5 mm) • Inalterability and resistance to weather conditions and UV • High wind resistance performance • Graffiti and scratch resistance • Easy cleaning and maintenance • Wide range of finishing • Easy to install • Two slab fixing methods: mechanical and structural

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Curtain walls URANO WALL Laminam Esterna: the evolution of ceramic cladding for ventilated façades. Laminam Esterna is the result of Laminam - METRA research. Laminam is the first manufacturer in the world of porcelain stoneware slabs of sizes up to 1000x3000x3 mm, created with innovative technology. Since 1962 METRA has specialised in aluminium and its extrusion and quickly has become a leader in Italy and abroad in the supply of profiles for industry and architectural systems. By putting together LAMINAM Esterna and Laminam slabs, the system METRA Urano Wall offers new extraordinary...

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Ventilated Façade The ventilated façade is a building solution which can protect the building from weather conditions and notably increase its thermal-acoustic insulation. Laminam Esterna enhances these features and in addition offers high aesthetic value. The slab is composed of an aluminium structure, fixed to the wall of the building by brackets and anchors, to which the cladding is hung. The façade is therefore made up of three parts: - insulating layer adhering to the external enclosure wall, - an air chamber to ensure natural ventilation, - external Laminam finishing. At the base of...

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Curtain walls URANO WALL Distinctive features Sizes Formats up to 1000x3000 mm, exceeding the limit of traditional ceramics while retaining their advantages. Lightness Due to the reduced slab thickness of only 3 mm and the use of the Urano-Metra aluminium structure, the Laminam Esterna system weighs around 15 Kg/m² An everlasting surface Laminam porcelain stoneware slabs guarantee resistance over time and inalterability to weather conditions, UV rays, corrosion, oxidation and chemical agents. An indestructible surface Laminam slabs are easily cleaned from varnishes and are graffiti and...

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The system The slab The basic component of the Laminam Esterna system is the thin Laminam porcelain stoneware slab. The slab has a nominal thickness of 3.5 mm and is reinforced on the backside with a fibre glass mesh, applied during the production process by means of placement of high-performance hot-melt glue. This mesh improves the mechanical resistance of the slab and acts as a break restraint in case of accidental impact. The frame The frame is made of METRA aluminium profiles, assembled through a completely hidden bracket. The panel The slabs are applied to the aluminium frame with...

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Curtain walls System technical features • Upper cover: the upper cover should serve two main functions: - prevent the infiltration of water from the roof - allow the circulation of air in the hollow space The cover can be made of aluminium or alucobond • Interim joint: this was designed to avoid the infiltration of rain water, dust and insects. Due to the particular configuration of the frame, joints can be of variable widths from 8 to 16 mm. • Lower closure: the lower closure, made of a micro-perforated profile, should allow ventilation, ensure the discharge of condensation and avoid any...

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Horizontal section

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Curtain walls URANO WALL Vertical section

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External corner section with low dimensioned finishing profile for improved optical characteristics

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Curtain walls URANO WALL Internal corner section

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Installation sequence Joining the frame to the substructure Mechanical anchoring of the connection system (Step 1) Mechanical anchoring of the connection system (Step 2) Coupling pin for panel alignment. This pin enables the removal of a single panel, if necessary Portion of a finished curtain wall Removal of a single panel. Laminam Esterna can be applied to almost any wall support which is suitable to withstand the load of the façade. The particular lightness of the system compared to traditional ceramics or natural stone greatly facilitates its application. The brackets are anchored with...

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Specifications System description The “ventilated fagade” shall be made with METRA URANO WALL system. The profiles shall be made of T5 EN AW 6060 (EN 573-3 and EN 755-2) aluminium alloy in accordance with EN 515 and extruded within the tolerances according to EN 12020- The system shall foresee the use of vertical profiles with variable depth (depending on static requirements) having a shape adapted to house, without any milling or turning machining, the support accessories of the outer cladding. The external cladding will be made of 3.5 mm thick porcelain stoneware slabs, framed and...

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