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NC 65 STH HES - 1

NC 65 STHdoors HES Casement windows and

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NC 65 STH HES - 2

METRA. ADDING VALUE TO YOUR HOME CHOOSE ALUMINIUM Aluminium is becoming ever present in our lives: from cans to high-speed trains. Aesthetically pleasing, malleable, extremely resistant and 100% recyclable. Aluminium is the ideal material for the creation of window and door frames. QUALITY AND CERTIFICATIONS The production cycle starts from raw material, from aluminium, its extrusions up to painting or coating. All Metra windows and doors carry the CE mark, they are produced in Europa and certified by the most important certifying bodies in Italy and abroad. DESIGN AND STYLE METRA’s window...

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NC 65 STH HES - 3

NC 65 STH HES NC 65 STHdoors HES Finestre e porte a battente Casement windows and METRA. Design, Colour, Emotion. Italian style desired the world over. METRA’s integrated systems have been created in order to provide quality solutions to the most up-to-date architectural and aesthetic needs of the contemporary era, they supply comfort and security to your dwelling space. METRA’s systems are characterized by:a vast range of colours, accessories, design complements, anti-break devices, automation and ergonomic design.Thermic insulation and a certified installation system (‘Posa Clima’)...

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NC 65 STH HES - 5

NC 65 STH HES ”High Energy Saving”, the new METRA system for casement windows and doors, realized by the use of innovative and eco-friendly materials. A solution that meets the various technical and aesthetic requirements of architects and clients, the result of an elaborated research process. Excellent performance of thermal and acoustic insulation combined with a high burglar resistance class to enjoy your home with maximum comfort and safety. The extreme versatile system is particularly suitable for the use in renovations due to the wide range of available finishes. NC 65 STH HES: Not...

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NC 65 STH HES - 6

Aesthetic Lines Basic Piana Sagomata Shaped Rounded Raggiata

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NC 65 STH HES - 7

Ferro Iron Scomparsa Hidden

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NC 65 STH HES - 8

1 - Frame 2 - Sash 3 - Glazing bead available in different sizes depending on glass thickness 4 - Specific glass stabilizing gaskets 5 - Insulating glass with one air space (double glazing) or two air spaces (triple glazing) 6 - EPDM gasket for glazing 7 - Insulating bars made of polyamide 6.6 reinforced with 25% fibreglass that reduce the heat loss by convection due to their geometric shape 8 - Open joint tightness central gasket 9 - EPDM internal rabbet gasket 10 - Under-glass insulating gasket. Opening typologies Doors:: Tilt and turn Bottom-hung Tilt-and-slide Inward opening Advantages...

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NC 65 STH HES - 9

The METRA window or door has not had any seepage of water even with a wind pressure equal to a speed of 111,54 km/h (600Pa) Air pressure applied km/h Class achieved Capacity of the window or door to block seepage of water when it is struck by a water flow and there is a pressure difference between the internal and external side. The METRA window or door was subjected to a wind pressure equal to a speed of 111,54 Km/h (600Pa) and passed the test with positive results. Air pressure applied Class achieved Characteristic of a closed vent to let air pass through when the internal and external...

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NC 65 STH HES - 10

ACCESSORIES AND DESIGN COMPLEMENTS - MR 540 I hardware The MR 540i hardware is characterized by a high technical content that allows the overcoming off the dimensional limits and the sash weight of the windows. Thanks to the MR 540i hardware it is possible to realize typologies with heights up to 2700 mm and weight up to 300 kg. Constructive typologies: • Tilt and turn window (1 or 2 casements) It is possible to fabricate windows with a height up to mm and a sash weight of 90, 130, 200 kg. Tilt first opening for higher protection against accidental opening in winter. Tilt and turn/tilt and...

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NC 65 STH HES - 11

ACCESSORIES AND DESIGN COMPLEMENTS - Designo hardware Created to meet the needs of architects and designers, Designo is the hardware that combines high technology and strong attention to aesthetics. Hidden hinges that make visible only the handle, leaving the window or door in harmony with the environment. Construction types: • Tilt and turn windows (1 or 2 casements) It is possible to fabricate windows with heights up to 2400 mm and sash weight up to 100, 150 kg. The tilt first solution prevents unintentional opening from inside. Tilt and turn/tilt and turn - tilt first Side-hung Tilt and...

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NC 65 STH HES - 12

ACCESSORIES AND DESIGN COMPLEMENTS - Tilt-and-slide hardware Hardware for casement windows and doors, perfect for large casement doors (up to 1680x2700 and maximum weight of 200 kg). Advantages • Comfort Due to the innovative plug the casement turns automatically into the closed position. The intelligent design of the arm ensures a harmonically opening and closing of the sash with a low noise level. Even large and heavy sashes can be moved effortlessly due to the special carriages. • Safe operation The new design of the arm and the carriages eliminates any handling error. The sliding sash...

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NC 65 STH HES - 13

LAYING SYSTEM Posa Clima METRA is an innovative laying system for windows and doors that ensures a high thermal and acoustic comfort of the building and high energy savings. (The laying system can be applied to all METRA systems). Advantages: • Higher thermal and acoustic insulation of the windows or doors • Recyclable and free from lead stabilizers or other heavy metals • Excellent resistance to weather effects and long-lasting even with sun exposure, salty air and the most common chemicals • Fireproof and self-extinguishing • Easy to paint. Lively and long-lasting colours The most...

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NC 65 STH HES - 14

For those who love natural wood applied to contemporary forms, aluminium-wood is the perfect choice. Great resistance, security and air-tightness with an aluminium core... as well as the stunningly stylish shades and look of various types of wood. Natural oxidized effects, matt, gloss, and even extra-gloss, produce a cool and trendy effect. The Evolution line was inspired by architects to enhance modern lifestyles. Evolution is highly sought after for all types of living spaces because of its strong aesthetic and durability in any type of climate. The Sable finishes have a multi-sensorial...

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