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Steel - 2

The floor panel type 3 consists of a high-quality steel tubing frame which is covered by high-grade steel plate. All parts are weld-ed by means of robots to fit with precision. The conductive powder coating guarantees protection against corrosion. The quality of the MERO-TSK access floor systems is guaranteed by a quality man-agement system acc. to ISO 9001. During installation Landtag Nordrhein-Westfalen, Dsseldorf The MERO-TSK access floor construction type 3 is due to its tensile strength the so-lution for production plants, cleanrooms, computer rooms or laboratories etc. where extremely...

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Steel - 3

The pedestal gasket fulfils three re-quirements: 1. Fixing of the panels 2. Sound insulation 3. Electrical conductivity High frequency shielding is possible. The base plate can be glued or dowelled to the subfloor. The understructure is protected against corrosion. All steel parts are galvanized. StringersDropped-in system Different types of pedestals > The use of u-type oder c-type stringers in-creases the horizontal stability of the entire construction. The stringers can also be in-stalled afterwards. High frequency disturbances can be avo-ided by srewing the stringers with pedestal head....

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Steel - 4

1. Floor panel (with floor covering or without floor covering)2. Gasket 3. Pedestal/type of construction acc. to floor height4. pedestal base plate glued to the subfloor (dowelled on request) Panel: Dimension: 600 x 600 mm Panel thickness: (without floor covering) ~ 33 mm System weight: (without floor covering, floor height 250 mm) ~ 47 kg/m Panel weight: ~ 16 kg/piece Panel material: Steel construction; conductive powder coated Understructure: Module: 600 x 600 mm Pedestal material: galvanized steel pedestals Construction height: (without floor covering) ~ 70 Җ 1800 mm Recommendation for...

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