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Menu Collection 2014 - 2

The secrets are out We always look forward to launch new collections, but this year is something truly unique. Never before have we entered a new season with so many new designs. Brand new designs from new designers and a collection that reaches all the way from small and neat decoration pieces, to honourable first time productions and furniture. We’re revealing an interior design collection where every room gets its share. A creative and imaginative design universe we refer to as Soft Minimalism, where geometrical purity, uncomplicated naturalness and a sense of cool and calm are the key...

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Menu Collection 2014 - 3

Kaschkasch Af teroom Benjamin Huber t Kenyon Yeh Cecilie Manz Note Design Studio Anita Johansen Jan Plecháč and Henr y Wielgus Tobias Tøstesen Hanne Willmann Andreas Engesvik Grethe Meyer ©Photo: Archivio Alfa Castaldi, w w

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Menu Collection 2014 - 5

Yeh Wall Talble. Design by Kenyon Yeh The Yeh Wall Table is the perfect place to rest books, magazines, flowerpots, table lamps, small objects, or even your afternoon coffee. Use it in the hallway, as your new bed table, besides the sofa, or as a clever graphical element in your living room.

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Menu Collection 2014 - 7

GRIDY FUNGI SHELVES Fungi Gridy Shelves. Design by Gridy Use Fungi Shelves besides the bed, as a decorative element in the living room, to display colourful spices in the kitchen or maybe as the extra shelf holding the back up light in the kids’ room. Choose between 3 different sizes – and bring the outdoors in.

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Menu Collection 2014 - 8

The two Norwegian designers at Gridy strive to create simple and functional design with a strong personality. Objects that somehow interact with the user because the users recognize funny symbols, shapes or references. GRIDY FUNGI SHELVES

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Menu Collection 2014 - 9

We proudly introduce: Grethe Meyer Lamp GM Pendant. Design by Grethe Meyer In 1960 she founded her own architectural firm paying special attention to everyday products for table and kitchen. Surely something so many people use so Grethe Meyer is one of Denmark’s most distinguished representatives of Danish much day after day must deserve some extra care? industrial design. She was a designer and an architect and won numerous awards for her work. She lived from 1918-2008, and was in many ways a pioneer woman, working in a highly male dominated field in times where some still thought of women...

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Menu Collection 2014 - 10

Her fine sense of the simple and sleek idiom has made many of her designs into classics, and thanks to her ability to also design in a timeless manner – we now have the pleasure, and honour, of putting the GM Pendant into production for the first time. GM Pendant is available in two different sizes for different uses. Hang one large lamp over the dining table, 2 small ones in the kitchen or several lamps together as a graphic installation.

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Menu Collection 2014 - 11

KASCHKASCH MIRROR Kaschkasch Floor Mirror. Design by Kaschkasch With a strong graphic expression and many functional details, the Kaschkasch Floor Mirror is a clever solution for today’s domestic urban environment with limited space. For starters, it’s a full-body mirror and its triangle-shape is ideal for corners.

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Menu Collection 2014 - 12


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Menu Collection 2014 - 13

AFTEROOM CADDY Afteroom Caddy. Design by Afteroom The Afteroom Caddy takes care of your stuff in kitchen, bathroom or office. The simple, logical shape is a fine contrast to the rough surface and the dark and slightly raw colours.

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Menu Collection 2014 - 14

Gridy Me Mirror is one of the results of our new strategy to collaborate with some of the most talented designers in the world, to inspire our audience with new ideas, materials and innovative ways of thinking design. Slide the mirror into the groove in the wood base and choose between tall or Simple in its idea and aesthetic but impressive in use, materials, and diversity. Gridy Me Mirror is a new and modern design with a nostalgic dash of blurry Polaroid wide scale. Either way, the lines of the solid oak base will draw a unique landscape on each mirror. memories. 2 pieces. Easily...

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Menu Collection 2014 - 15

AFTEROOM CHAIR Afteroom Chair. Design by Afteroom Chen-Yen Wei: “Afteroom Chair is based on the concept of reducing the amount of materials to the minimum and by doing so pushing the aesthetic appearance to the maximum. It’s a designer’s job to develop functional objects without compromising the aesthetics and it’s important never to look back, unless it’s for the purpose of finding very good references, of course.

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Menu Collection 2014 - 18

KNOT TRESTLE Knot Trestle. Design by Cecilie Manz The Knot Trestle is a new version of the archetypical trestle. The functionality is honest and simple as we know it: 2 trestles + 1 table top = table, but the construction vary from many classic trestles. The two wood frames are held together by full-grain leather and nothing else; The straps are simply tied together in lovely big knots. The use of full-grain leather and the grained ash wood gives the design a playful, innovative and strong look.

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Menu Collection 2014 - 19

STICK SYSTEM Stick system is presented in various colour combinations and wooden hues, and with maximum attention to details, the combined wood and steel structure perfectly harmonises with the chosen colour palate for a clean, soft and light appearance.

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Menu Collection 2014 - 20

STICK SYSTEM Stick System. Design by Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus “We wanted to create a clever and aesthetically beautiful design solution for a modern generation: Stick System can be extended and adapted to fit different spaces. It enables multiple options, which makes it a pragmatic interior solution to today’s increasing needs”, comments Jan Plecháč.

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Menu Collection 2014 - 22

Afteroom Side Table. Design by Afteroom The table is created by the Taiwanese duo: Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei, also known as Afteroom. Operating from their Stockholm-based design studio their inspiration derives from an intriguing interest of forms, senses, proportions, materials and cultures. And with a clear and non-compromising aesthetic vision, they take the meaning of simplistic design to a whole new level. AFTEROOM SIDE TABLE

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