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Melitta SystemServiceMelitta > cup -breakfast The newfully automatic machinefor breakfast coffee and more ΅ > MELITTAFOR THE ULTIMATEIN COFFEE ENJOYMENT size="-3">

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We recommend: maintenance after 80.000 cups. Long-term reliability. Coffee output in cups, mugs and jugs. Melitta > cup -breakfast .At the touch of a button. Already pre-portioned. Melitta Unique brewing system. Preparation using ground coffee. Approx.240 cups of coffee. Approx.30 l hot water. > ή cup -breakfast . High outlet,ideal for jugs. >

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HACCP approved. > cup -breakfast . > ή cup -breakfast .Fully automatic cleaningusing tablets.ՕEasy cleaning for milk andchocolate.Coffee grounds removalthrough the built-in grounds drawer.Optional container discharge.Melitta Melitta > ծ cup -breakfast .With a cash settlement system:coin checker,coin changer or a non-cash payment system.Melitta You can choose milk, chocolate or decaffeinated coffee. >

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Melitta > Ů cup -breakfast: A luxury class table-top automatic. High performance.Fully equipped for the aromatic preparation of coffee.It is perfect both for the food service and self-serve operation. >

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cup -breakfast, special colour cup -breakfast cup MW,special colour Cup warmer and coin checker cup CW-MP cup CW,special colour cup -breakfast cupcup cup solitaire CW cup -breakfast >

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Technical detailsMelitta > ή cup -breakfast 18738 Melitta > cup- breakfast 18737 Melitta > ή cup- breakfast polished 18736 Melitta > cup- breakfast effect colour 19046 Melitta > ή cup- breakfast special colour RALHourly performance:coffee cups= approx.240 water= approx.30 lHopper= 1,2 kg Instant container milk topping= 1,3 kg Urn 3 lOutlet height:190 mm / with cup table:120 mmMeasurements:400 mm wide,519 mm deep,790 mm high Minimum height required to refill the machine:min.400 mm Net weight:ca.52 kgElectrical connection:230 V/ 3,32 kWWater connection:R 3/4 Waste-water...

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