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Melitta® Cafina® XT6 Coffee perfection in every cup. Melitta Professional Coffee Solutions

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”Choosing a new automatic coffee machine is an important decision Hmmm, the espresso is excellent. But with every sip, a new question for my business. So where should I begin? The new Cafina® XT6 comes to mind: Will my guests be impressed with this machine? really does look good. But the most important thing is how good How reliable is it and how long will it last? What about maintenance and cleaning? How quickly will it pay for itself? Let‘s have a lo

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NOW VARIETY COMES WITH EVERY CUP. Espresso, espresso macchiato, latte macchiato, cappuccino, tea or cocoa – with the Cafina® XT6 you can prepare a wide variety of specialities, with outstanding quality every time. Your guests will need to come back a few times before they have tried them all. And they are sure to be impressed every time. ”I FIND THE VARIETY TOTALLY CONVINCING AND I‘M SURE MY GUESTS WILL AS WE

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Melitta® Cafina® XT6 - 5

The selection is convincing and the quality is inspiring COFFEE BEAN AND INSTANT CONTAINERS ADJUSTABLE TO SUIT EVERY SPECIALITY HOT OR COLD MILK FOAM In addition to the two coffee bean Your perfectly prepared speciality is ready The brand new milk foam system gives containers, each with a capacity of 1 kg, for you to take from the accentuated you the choice between a hot milk or a the Cafina XT6 also has two instant and lit dispenser, which is conveniently cold milk foam, as well as cold and warm containers, each holding 450-800 grams of and infinitely height-adjustable from milk,...

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Melitta® Cafina® XT6 - 6

A DESIGN ICON PROVIDES THE SETTING FOR YOUR COFFEE SPECIALITIES. Clear lines, silver accents, black and white – the Cafina® XT6 has a contemporary look to show off its up-to-date technology. Added to this is the high quality of the carefully selected materials, such as the 3 mm thick aluminium side panels and the robust industrial-quality touchscreen display, which reacts immediately to any touch. Fits in perfectly with any room design LED on: Specialities enhanced to perfection SPACE-SAVING With its compact dimensions – 300 mm wide, 580 mm high, 715 mm deep – and elegant aluminium housing,...

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”THE CAFINA® XT6 LOOKS TRULY GREAT AND YOUR GUESTS ARE SURE TO BE IMPRESSED.“ YOUR SELECTION ENHANCED TO PERFECTION The Cafina® XT6 is accentuated further thanks to its atmospheric lighting. The products are presented in an even better light: The entire cup area is lit by daylight LEDs to enhance cups and glasses together with their contents in a brig

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Melitta® Cafina® XT6 - 8

YOU CAN ONLY GET PREMIUM QUALITY OUT IF THERE IS PREMIUM QUALITY ON THE INSIDE The Cafina® XT6 could not have been developed without Melitta‘s many customers in the catering industry. Their requirements and suggestions were taken into account and found their way into the specifications of a new generation of automatic coffee machines. In-depth market analysis was also carried out to establish the requirements of guests. Then a wide variety of innovative developments were required in order to launch a model that would lead the way in its class when it comes to technology and operation....

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Melitta® Cafina® XT6 - 9

STAINLESS STEEL BREWING UNIT FINE SIEVE FOR FULL FLAVOUR NEW MILK FOAM SYSTEM The ground coffee (up to 20 g) drops into The micro-fine sieve enables the use Our brand new milk foam system makes the brewing unit.Variable pressure (VPS®) of the finest grade of coffee grounds, it easy to serve a cappuccino with a hot is used for each coffee speciality. The without any grounds going into the milk or a cold milk foam in an instant. brewing unit is also made from stainless cup. The sieve has more than 45,000 steel. Compared with plastic, this enables holes for a diameter of around four the use of...

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Melitta® Cafina® XT6 - 10

READY FOR THE RUSH: IN SELF-SERVICE OR SERVICE STAFF MODE Company canteens and hotel breakfast buffets are the ideal place for the Cafina® XT6. Both of these are used to a rush of guests all at the same time. This is where the self-service Cafina® XT6 really comes into its own thanks to its reliability, rapid service and clear operation concept. Are there enough cups and glasses? Are the containers full? These are the only things you will need to concern yourself with. In self-service mode, the touchscreen display offers up to ten specialities.You can select The ergonomically tilted...

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Melitta® Cafina® XT6 - 11

FULLY AUTOMATIC CLEANING WITH COMBI TABLET What about cleaning? This is either set according to a time schedule – generally once a day – or the machine displays when it needs to be cleaned. Daily cleaning takes place automatically using the CIP® (Clean in Place) cleaning system. Nothing needs to be dismantled for this cleaning to take place. After starting the cleaning program, the milk pipe and milk foamer are cleaned with the aid of cleaning tablets and then rinsed completely automatically. CIP® is the only cleaning system of this kind to have received the HACCP certification for strict...

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”MY MACHINE, SET JUST HOW I WANT IT“ ”MY CAFINA® XT6 ”NOTHING BUT PRAISE FROM OUR GUESTS“ QUALITY THAT PAYS FOR ITSELF, CUP AFTER CUP. NEVER MESSES ME AROUND“ The Melitta® Cafina® XT6 will set the standard for automatic coffee machines over years to come. In its design phase, the objective of a dual quality promise was therefore put into practice: Our service for you: Our Melitta field sales staff will be happy to come and show you how quickly the Cafina® XT6 will pay for itself. They can give you a simple and precise forecast to fit in with

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”I‘VE BEEN OVER IT WITH A FINE TOOTHCOMB: IT REALLY DOES PAY FOR ITSELF“ The Cafina® XT6 provides the best quality for the guest, in the cup, The Cafina® XT6 can produce up to 170 cups of espresso per hour, and the best quality for the host as well. This is clear from the high thanks to its high heating performance of 2.6 kW. This is sufficient level of reliability and low maintenance requirements. for use in hotels, restaurants, small to medium-sized cafés or bakeries and canteens. We will be happy to show you how cost-effective Many different coffee specialities can be made easily and...

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