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The Melitta® Cafina® XT5 is delivered ready for connection. However, before setting it up, the connections required on site must have been installed within a radius of 1 m so that they are easily accessible. This preliminary work must be carried out by authorized specialists in compliance with the applicable regulations. Melitta® Customer Service is not authorized to carry out this work and does not assume any responsibility for the installation. Space required above the bean hoppers min. 200 mm The machine must be positioned on a level table top. The supply lines must be routed from underneath. To insert the connection hoses and the connection cables, an aperture is to be provided in the table top underneath each unit measuring approx. ⌀ 120 mm (A). For machines with container discharge (optional), an additional aperture of approx. ⌀ 120 mm (B) is required. With the feet installed, the units can be raised by approx. 15 mm. Unit specifications: Hourly output*: approx. 25 l hot water Dimensions (W x D x H): approx. 100 cups of café crème Installation weight: Permissible ambient 5 °C - 30 °C temperature: Permissible air humidity: < 80 % non-condensing 820 Coffee bean supply: Instant container capacity: 1 x 1.7 l / 1 x approx. 1300 g or 2 x 1 l / 2 x approx. 450 - 800 g Grounds drawer capacity: for approx. 30 portions Suction height of milk pump max. 500 mm from bottom edge of machine (tube length max. 1000 mm). min. distance from wall 50 mm Electrical connection (a): Mains connection: Power consumption: On-site fuse: 200 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz – via 1.8 m power cable with Schuko mains plug 2175 - 3040 W 16 A required The connections must be established using easily accessible Schuko sockets. These must be protected with a residual current circuit breaker (max. 30 mA). Fresh water connection: A shut-off valve, which makes it possible to connect this machine in accordance with national regulations, such as EN 61770, must be installed in an easily accessible place. The machine is supplied with the corresponding connection hoses. Fresh water pressure: Fresh water carbonate hardness: Suction height of milk pump max. 500 ⌀ 120 for lines (does not apply to All dimensions are approximate dimensions in millimeters. min. 0.25 MPa (2.5 bar) at approx. 2 l/min a pressure reducer is required for static pressures above 0.6 MPa (6 bar) 1 °dKH - 3 °dKH: no action required 4 °dKH and above: decarbonization system required (e.g., BRITA Purity) less than 1 °dKH: consult Melitta® at least DN 25 - NW 1" – a ventilated odor trap is to be provided The Melitta® Cafina® XT5 is fitted with two nozzles for the drain of waste water. These must be connected to a water drain on site using the hoses supplied. Waste water connection: (optional, not for machines with MCU30) Date: Page: Subject to changes. Property of Melitta®. Reproduction proh

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